Spirit surprised!

Everyone say’s things happen when you least expect it, well it happened to me.  I bought an old deserted house that was stripped of almost everything no heat, some electricity, half the cupboards I could go on and on.   Long story short renovations began,  my husband met our carpenters early one morning to get them started on plumbing,  and me being me I showed up about noon.  I was watching “b” one of our 2 carpenters and my husband discussing the plumbing from the doorway at the bathroom they were by the shower.  I heard what I thought was “d” our other guy walk across the wood floor and cough,  I told the guys “d” is back and they casually said ” he’s not here today”  Huh, I said nothing not wanting to interrupt and here the “dumb blonde jokes”.  a couple days later my husband was there alone working and heard someone walking upstairs and clear his throat, Ha! whose the dumb blonde now.  I told him about my experience which he did not dispute……………

                          STAY TUNED FOR WEEK II……………………………………………..



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