Phantom phone calls

My husband and I were working on the house one Saturday  we were ripping out drywall as there were so many holes it was not worth patching, we had to remove what was left of the lower cabinets and continue from there.  There was a hole in the ceiling from a roof leak and a continuous puddle on the floor,   not pretty,  anyway we were finishing up the day we laughed about the “footsteps’ and joked about it naming him Mr. Walker however there was an underlying unease about it,   you doubt yourself,  no I take that back I did not,   what I heard was as clear as a bell and there was no explanation , my husband however I think was very skeptical.  Well we were wrapping things up for the day and were ready to leave,  now we still have no heat, appliances,  tv,  phone service everything was ripped out.  We were speaking facing each other about leaving,  we always go over all the windows,  doors,  to make sure the house is secure seeing it is empty and in this economy people watch,  waiting for things of value to be installed well that’s just common sense we were ready to walk out and we heard a phone ring,  we both looked at each other pulled out our cell”s  though it was obvious it wasn’t ours,  the ring came from the basement below,  not a regular ring,  like one of those old rotary phones,  it rang twice and stopped.  Now my husband and I have a habit of saying the same thing at the same time,  we both looked at each other and said “huh” though unexplainable what could we do? we talked about for a couple minutes and chalked it up to another unexplained incident.  My husband keeps much to himself,  and myself I have always had an interest in the paranormal but was on the fence about it,   I watched all the shows on tv,  though fascinated I was somewhat skeptical,  though people seem sincere who knows,   I mean come on right?  But I was more intrigued and excited than afraid,  nothing much scares me,  I have a background of living in old victorians,  historic districts very nice but plopped in the middle of the city,  I was used to being cautious,  I had my share of the criminal element,  right outside my door,  and I also worked with severe psychiatric patients,  so over some time I developed what I call my outer skin,  so for me this was pure adrenaline.  After that I decided I would try leaving a digital recorder on when I left the house and check it the next day,  My first experience was far beyond what I expected……………..    stay tuned


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