Back to the story shortly after the baseball incident,  I continued to record at night I was kind of focusing on the basement at this time,  I had gotten some orb pictures down there and thought “It is the portal to hell right?”

I am getting ready to leave the house for the day and since my recorders were turned off another time in the basement (see previous post)  I thought I would turn it on upstairs and kind of narrate myself down to its final resting place…….so to speak,  you know sneaky and less obvious,   like just strollin’  to the basement.  so I walk down the stairs and set the recorder just at the bottom of the steps turn off the lights and go back up and leave the house for the night.

It’s the next day and I get to the house announce myself and proceed to the basement to get my recorder,  to my surprise it was still on so making it obvious it was me I turned it off and brought it upstairs.  By now I am getting braver and so I pull out my trusty dollar store headset,  plug it in and listen.  I can here myself walking,   announcing “I am walking downstairs”  here my footsteps on the stairs…then in between my footstep sounds I heard what sounded like a voice!  I rewound the recorder and played it again I listen carefully and here

my footstep….”Get”…another footstep…”Out” now this freaked me out,  it was a mans voice though it wasn’t like in all the movies like some deep foreboding voice “GET OUT!”  it was like,  seriously “GET out” kind of sarcastic,   like get a life… haven’t you had enough.  It was kind of embarrassing I was annoying the spirits,  at least this one,  now I know I can be pretty annoying at times but it usually takes knowing me a little longer.  Let’s just say I’ve been leaving the basement people alone for awhile.  MORE TO COME………..

GO FOR BROKE??? “We’re going to Spiritland!”

Ok,  I know this all seems like fun and games,  if you don’t think about it too much,  a noise here,  strange pictures,  a voice on tape.  It seems relatively harmless compared to the reality shows,  with shadow figures,  apparitions,  wind,  beds shaking etc.  all in one hours time,  well as you can see in real life it doesn’t happen that way my story takes place in real time not condensed into an hour show.  My question is,  am I taking all this too lightly,  my husband thinks so,  he doesn’t even want to talk about it ( unless something happens to him).  We have not even technically move in yet we are still finishing up before we can “Make the move”,  we can’t even stay overnight yet because we have dogs at home.   For those of you out there with more experience are we crazy to move into this house?  I’m having a good time now but is this going to turn into a nightmare?



Yes I have another side to me, the design side post rehab kitchen minus appliances


bathroom spirit

partial rehab kitchen, orb shot

dining room rehab orb shot

peach mist in bedroom, different film from mist in portal to hell



Just updating my ALERT from last night.  My husband and I  were talking this evening about the “odd event” that occurred on our way home from the house last night.  He has driven his truck to and from work today,  did some shopping and we went out to the house,  this time we were there for a couple of hours.  He and I still don’t know what that non mechanical sound was that was emanating from the dash board,   I asked him and it has not done it since,  and did not occur on our way home tonight.  only time will tell.

Excuse me….. I didn’t know you liked baseball


  Kind of an odd day at the house.  You could feel something in the air,  I was a little uneasy all day.  Upon first walking in it was about 10 in the morning,  not quite sure what I was going to do that day,  probably paint as usual.  A house that encompasses approximately 2900 sq. ft.  believe me the painting is endless… good thing I like paint.  I really do I like the colors,  the smell of fresh latex in the air almost as good as a walking into a Starbucks,  you probably think I’m kidding I’m really not,  really, yeah sad.  Anyway I’m just kinda standing there and in my “Stepford wives” ( If you haven’t heard of the stepford wives your probably to young to be reading this) quiet like neighborhood I hear this huge Boom!!,  I mean it literally shook the house for a good 3-4 seconds,  weirder the sound came from upstairs,  I kinda froze,  as usual no one was outside, no cars, people,  just the perfectly cut lawns I saw when I pulled in (except for ours) I swear I don’t know who cut’s them?  I never see it happen or here it, weird but that’s a whole different subject… Lawn fairies or something at night.  I may seem flippant about all this but hey I am kind of getting used to it and I’m kinda bored and feeling sarcastic tonight.  Anyway I didn’t know what to do,  I didn’t even bother to look upstairs at this point I’m real used to the strange stuff and I didn’t see any glaring holes in the house so I just went about my day,  the rest of the day was uneventful I had called my husband and told him about it,  he didn’t know what to say either.  I mean really I just kind if chalked it up!  Hours later I cleaned up sat on the couch,  you probably think it’s weird I have a couch in our rehab so does my husband,  but I,  being an artist have already  mentally moved in I mean the living room is painted and decorated, so it gets dusty,  I need my aesthetic fix, to be inspired to work.  My husband didn’t know this but as soon as we got the key I started working my design plan and buying at least one item a week and hiding it in the trunk of my car after the first 6 weeks or so I practically had to sit on it to get it to close, “hee, hee”  Explanation aside and back on the couch of course I had my handy boom box,  I rarely turn it on I like quiet.  When I get up  in the morning I sit in silence,  no tv,  radio,  nothing except of course my dogs for seriously like 2 hours just taking in thought.  No morning news for me,  I’m right brained,  as long as things appear the same and the sky is still the right color I don’t sweat it.  I’m rambling again,  slight a.d.d.  So here I am on the couch I promise I won’t go into that again…  and the radio comes on!  it was on whatever AM station my husband left it on you know… sports,  it was about 3 ish and the Indians were on,  yeah I’m near Cleveland… sorry  Just kidding Cleveland is actually “The bomb” no pun intended. Now this happened right in front of me I mean I was just kind of zoning, working up the energy to go home and there it was,  shocked? yeah,  freaked? a little,  this was a little less benign then my previous “in person” experiences,  not knowing really what to do I just said ” Like Baseball?’  left the game on,  got my stuff and left for the night.

Vampire lifestyle, not my usual arena

When I was young like most people I went out with my friends…a lot for some of you,  you know the routine,  your friends come over have the pre-party stroll out about 11pm for unknown and seemingly really cool at the time really obnoxious behavior at some bar,  go to the after party arrive home about 5 a.m. sleep most of the next day,  wake up and wonder who you pissed off the night before,  that is if you wake up alone… ahh youth.

Anyway my younger brother used to call me a Vampire for obvious reasons,  he would call during the day and leave a message.  “Did you crawl out of your coffin yet?”  Yeah he’s a real clown well not a real clown but can be just as creepy.

Back to why I am rambling……… I have been sick the past few years starting out with a series of possibly life threatening infections, several hospitalizations, surgeries blah blah blah.   I developed a skin condition after my immune system dropped through the floor,  most likely autoimmune disorder based,  it presents as extreme itching on my arms, face, neck, chest.  followed by rash followed by 2nd degree burn like redness and pain and accompanied by facial swelling that would send “Michael Meyers” running in fear,  well after many E.R. trips and basically being called a drug seeker (pain med’s) 8 dermatologists later I finally have a diagnosis,  Photosensitivity,  sounds benign enough,  look it up……….. I basically I am allergic to light,  sunlight,  some indoor light.  All that uva uvb stuff you here on sunblock commercials  I told the doctor I don’ lay out in the sun,  it doesn’t matter just walking to the car,  out to get the mail short stints build up UVA until your body has had enough and once that switch is flipped its like a 3 week vacation to hell’s version of the bahamas.  Well I guess it is life long once it starts,  I have to were 50spf sunblock all the time ( I will be the whitest woman on the planet how attractive) shouldn’t be out winter or summe between 11am-5pm  sun or shade those rays do go through clouds thats why you can get a sunburn on an overcast day,  and they penetrate car windows.  So short of being know in my new neighborhood as the crazy women in the shroud I guess I will just crawl back into my coffin.  Ill just hang with the ghosts.