Paranormal plumbing

Way in the beginning we had the roof patched so we would have no more puddle in the kitchen and for obvious reasons.  We also found some leaking areas throughout the house once we got the water turned back on,  we had our usual guy go over the house and re-plumbed and fix the obvious,  my husband took over from there,  my husband is extremely handy and took on a leak above the “portal to hell” as it seemed the general fix didn’t take care of this,  there is a bathroom directly above and after cutting out part of the wall he found the problem behind the bathtub faucet.  he began to dismantle the pipes and heard what sounded like a piece of copper dropped 2  floors down on to the basement floor,  fearing the worst he went to the basement and found nothing.  He returned to his work upstairs and several minutes later he heard the sound again,  once again he went and checked again,  once more nothing, seeing that we re- plumbed with sharkbite,   rubber hose type piping recently approved for home use he assumed something let loose in the wall.  after the third time,  he finally yelled,  “Would you cut it out”  and all was quiet,   apparently copper is the preference of our resident spirit but until he pays for it we are sticking with sharkbite!


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