Spirit warfare

As I mentioned earlier I decided to start recording after some odd but benign happenings in our new home.  The first time I did so I left my I set my digital recorder up when I left to go home to our current home for the night after a days work.  The next day I arrived at the house and checked my recorder which is voice activated to see if anything recorded.  I was not expecting much seeing our new neighborhood was extremely quiet and anything we have heard until this point was brief,  however to my surprise the recorder showed over 11 hours of time recorded,  I was taken aback and decided not to listen to it until I was back home for the night.  The day as I recall was uneventful and I locked up and returned home.  I immediately got my headphones and began listening to the recording.  I still have a hard time rationalizing what I heard,  the recording was constant bangs,  clanging,  soft,  and so loud it made me jump.  It sounded like the house was being destroyed,  there were so many different sounds,  scraping,  what sounded like cabinets closing, things being dropped,  wood on wood,   metal,  this went on and on from soft to loud I listened but there were so many hours I would fast forward and it was more of the same,  this recording changed everything about how I felt about the paranormal,  I had my husband and stepson listen they were both freaked out,  my stepson said “come on did you do this?”  I have no explanation still don’t.   This recording made every “Paranormal” show with their  evp bump’s and tap’s seem so unbelievably,   well the only word I can think of is lame.  Nothing was moved in the house,  everything was the same,  no cabinets were open,  no tools or supplies moved,  has anyone out there ever had anything close to this?  Periodic sounds,  bumps in the night o.k. but 11 plus hours of chaos?  My husband could only listen for about  5 minutes since then he is against me taping at the house though I continue,  there were no voices but again there is no logical explanation and I have never heard of anything close,  I have to admit this scared even me,  but yet I continue……….more to come


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