It was well into October and their was a chill in the air,  as of yet we had no heating system in the house we had to rely on space heaters and layered clothes.   The home has a woodburning fireplace however we had yet to have it inspected making it’s use risky at best.  I had brought over a coffee maker to help make things tolerable,   and usually make a couple pots a day.  One morning I arrived at the house began turning on the lights we had,  heaters and made a pot of coffee,  just the aroma makes a place feel more like home,  I also brought over some staples,  sugar,  creamer,  some mugs etc. Preparing for my day,  setting up painting supplies,  in the  living room,   waiting for the chill to disperse and the coffee to brew.  I usually sit for awhile thinking,   observing,  planning what I want to get done,  plan in place I got up to grab a cup of coffee,  I walked through the dining room into the kitchen for a cup of coffee,  as I set foot in the kitchen I heard footsteps behind me,  felt a rushing feeling as if something walked up and dispersed at my back as I stopped in front of the kitchen counter in front of the coffee pot.  Feeling a sense of unreality I turned and of course there was nothing there,  having heard the same footsteps before I was not that shook up,  I didn’t doubt what I heard and felt I was kind of ambivilent was the attraction me?,  was it the coffee?  was it a long habit of a morning ritual from years ago not realizing they are in a different reality?  This is all new to me,  it was not frightening I didn’t feel an ominous presence,  more like being walked up from behind the sound taking the form of sweeping rushing air towards me and then once again silence .

When these types of events happen to you,  it is so hard to explain,  most people myself included would say

“I’d be out of there”  or how could you not see this coming…In my experience these events are not constant giving your mind enough time to absorb what happened,  not horror film scary.  I believe the human psyche has the ability to dissect what is going on perceive  it as non threatening and then acceptance of what we cannot explain.  Either that or we file it in the back of the brain for mental preservation,  after all most of these events happen infrequently,  the memory fading from the forfront,  as other things occur in life…….stay tuned


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