After my recording of “spirit warfare”  I made several more attempts of overnight recordings,  I still had bang’s footsteps, sounds of things dropping but no where near the extent of my first recording.  After speaking with a neighbor she gave me a rundown of previous occupants,  the owner prior to us was a convicted sex offender,  which I already new,  as after any move I check the local sheriffs department website to me being female this is just common sense imagine my surprise when our new home came up on the map…… but that has since been taken care of after a visit from the sheriffs department I found he had not re registered and they immediately issued a warrant for his arrest….but that’s another story.  The occupant before that was murdered,  not in our house,  but elsewhere circumstances unknown to me accept I now he was shot.  This is not a bad neighborhood, the street is eerily quiet,  neighbors successful,  and kind,  a series of unfortunate situations,  who knows.  The previous owners were the persons that moved the house to that location,  for those of you who don’t know,  this house was moved from an unknown location and relocated there,  is there a reason it was moved,  were there paranormal problems previously and they thought it may be the land,  I don’t know however obviously it didn’t work if that was the case they sold soon after the move.  I believe the situation could be made worse by the negative energy that the following occupants may have left behind considering their lifestyles,  and in one case demise.

Back to my EVP’S  For those of you that don’t know EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon in other words spirits communicating through a recording device using it’s energy,  and not necessarily audible by the human ear,  usually voices are heard during playback.

I did a general EVP session at night alone.  Not knowing who or what I was dealing with I was at square one, I began recording as I ascended the stairs narrating that I was walking up.  I sat at the top of the stairs for about 30 minutes asking general questions,  such as  “Is there anyone here with me”  “did you live here”  etc. during playback I heard myself walking and narrating,  setting the recorder down and my questions,  I did not hear anything,  was disappointed but,  hey its the first time.  I played it back a couple more times and made a “rookie” mistake I wasn’t paying to much attention while listening to my walking upstairs and setting down the recorder,  after about 3 play backs and discouragement I decided to concentrate from the moment the recorder was turned on I listened carefully as I walked up the steps reached the landing and bent over to set the recorder on the floor.  To my surprise there was a voice I am guessing as I was bending with the recorder in my hand.  There were 2 words  “coming, coming”  I was a little shaken after all I had not payed attention as I should have to ALL sounds and that the words were so clear,  also this was a mans voice and who was he talking to,  is their more than one spirit…….somewhat unnerving I guess the answer will come when they are ready.


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