The Little Shop of Horrors

The Haunted House

Every neighborhood has got to have it’s ‘haunted house’ or the creepy old house that all the kids skirt gingerly around.  Our neighborhood wasn’t that much different.  In the farmer’s field back behind the loop of houses that comprised “the ‘hood” was a small grove of trees; within this grove stood a small single story house which was supposed to be haunted. None of us kids dared venture into that grove – we didn’t dare even venture into the field, for the farmer who owned it took a dim view of trespassers, and was reputed to have a shotgun ready, loaded with rock salt, for anyone who did set foot on his land. Many a time we heard the rumors, usually from a friend of a friend who knew a friend who’d heard about a friend getting his backside liberally seasoned with a load of high speed…

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