After my first successful EVP session I was excited as a leprechaun on St. Pat’s.   However after several sparse recordings overnight I became somewhat discouraged .  I was still picking up,   dropping items,  cupboards slamming.  but, fewer and more far between.  I would place the recorder in different places,  including the basement,  but not much changed.  I decided I would use a cassette recorder with a 30 minute tape and a digital voice recorder simultaneously and side by side,  these were placed on a cement block wall in the basement,   I turned them both to record and left for the day,   I went home for the night and returned the next day not expecting much however never expecting what I found,  When I went down to the basement the following day,  I cautiously turned on the lights,  spotted my recorders and reported my presence, as a guide for the following analysis.  As I approached the recorders I knew the cassette recorder would be off as it was only a 30 minute tape,  however the digital was off as well.  I assumed I had run down the battery so I took both recorders upstairs to take a look.  I sat on the couch in the living room and checked the cassette player first,  according to the player it was turned off  about 8 minutes into the recording.  I rewound,  the batteries were full and played it back,  Of course I heard myself leaving and the usual bangs and such for a few minutes and then the distinct sound of it being switched off a full 20 minutes left to go in the tape.  I was confused,  thought it may have had a malfunction and I was also highly disappointed.  I picked up the digital player,  pressed play and to my amazement this recorder also had full batteries and the distinct sound in this case a beep of the recorder being turned off at about the same time as the other.  This shocked me,  I know spirits can control what they say,  do,  allow us to hear and see,  but to be able to turn off 2 separate recorders of different types at the same time says a lot that I didn’t know

(1.  Why

(2. how

(3. wow

This spooked me quite a bit,  to here the distinct sounds of the off switches, and  further recording tells me they know what I’m  up to and don’t like it,  this is getting less fun and more unexpected……

Has anyone had this type of equipment failure,  wait I take that back,  have you had equipment so obviously turned off?  This is obviously a reluctant and intelligent haunt…………stay tuned


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