EVP’s my jump off the fence into the spirit world

As time went on I continued to leave my recorder on all night still getting the usual bangs, slams etc. again and again……..Well one day I decided to take the leap and go out to the house around midnight and do a whole house evp session.  Everything was normal and quiet I turned on some lights….I’m not that brave yet and got comfortable,  deciding where to start,  how to start,  and what to ask.  Knowing what I knew about the one of the previous occupants,  I also found out he was dealing drug’s….getting shot in the  head?  big surprise,  don’t take me wrong I do feel for him,  I didn’t know him,  his history,  his childhood,  however everyone knows the risks and everyone makes life choices.  Trying not to feel or judge this individual I opened my mind and simply started walking,  I used my cassette recorder,  hearing that cassette recorders  get clearer more reliable evp’s.  As I walked quietly throught the house I asked several questions,  I didn’t know if this was the spirit in our house,  with the construction occurrences,  bangs,  cabinet slams it could have been anyone,  or more than one so I kept my questions general.  As I said in an earlier post,  our house was moved to that location,  so I asked if they knew why,  where it was moved from,  did you die here,  what is your name.   I also tried to establish a timeline I asked “did you live here a long time ago?’…………”did you live her a short time ago?”  How many people are here etc.  I only had a 30 minute tape so this was a brief session.  I stayed at the house until about 1:30 a.m. went home as to not worry my husband,  he already didn’t like the idea for safety sake,  and doesn’t feel you should “mess with these things”.  I do know provoking activity can lead to more,  or an unwanted entity,  however my interest won out.   I was tired and listening to my evp tape at the house at night by myself was a little unnerving so off I went.  When I got home my husband was in bed but woke as I came in to make sure all is well,  and of course I went directly to the couch and grabbed my headphones…..again that doubt is there,  “what are you doing” ,  people will think your nut’s blah blah blah, but again me being me I don’t care.  I rewound the tape put on my headphones and sat back closing my eyes and hit play.  The usual nothing,  question after question no answer after no answer,  then after the questions “did you live here a long time ago?” no answer  “did you live here a short time ago”  My eyes flew open as I heard a male voice clear as day say “short”,  I actually could tell he was younger by the tone of his voice,  he said nothing else,  however my instincts were this was the man that was murdered…. check in tomorrow for my continued relationship with this spirit………..


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