Things that go BANG in the night & don’t clowns give you the creeps

mushroom clown

As promised the following is an event that occurred after I had once again left my digital recorder on overnight after I left the house after a day of work.  I arrived the next day once again in my lovely attire of paint covered pant’s and t-shirt.  I always check the exterior of the house visually before I enter as we are not living there I like to know everything appears as I left it.  I entered the house with my supplies for what work I had planned for the day,  I always announce myself with a “hello” or something of that sort to have a cut off point for my recordings then proceed to where I left it,  in this case it was on the hardwood floor of the living room which is above the basement.  I have been getting braver growing to accept the fact that we have activity and it has not been such to cause any fear other than being slightly startled at times.  I picked up and turned off the recorder as usual,  locked the front door behind me and sat on the couch,  now not wanting to listen to the recording right off,  I have gotten in the habit of turning the volume down to zero and hitting the playback button,  fast forward to see how much time if any recorded as it is voice “sound” activated  I think the time was something like 53 seconds allowing probably 20-30 seconds of leaving and coming in sounds there was something recorded for about 30 seconds,  the way these recorders work is a sound could be recorded  and another sound could record hours later however the run consecutive when played back.  This was one of the strangest recordings I had to this point and since,  the first recording not that strange it could be a residual sound (sounds occur like replays of past events not interactive)   it was about 10 seconds of what sounded like a power saw,  o.k. strange but like I said probably residual,  a lot of work I’m sure has been done on the house and since my husband is “bothered” when he is working with power tools and such no big surprise,  what followed was something I never would have thought of.

My husband listened to it as well and the only way to describe it is like an explosion,  it had a percussion quality,  if you have ever seen historic footage of Hiroshima,  mushroom cloud like explosion this was the sound.   It was loud,  the sound crescendo ed,  listening to it I got a mental image of Hiroshima was this another residual sound?  A message from the former occupant that was murdered by gunshot?  My husband said once again ( I had to convince him to listen to this because it was so strange) ” no more I don’t want to here that stuff we are going to be living there”  I am probably opening portals, I actually breaking out in a cold sweat as I am writing this…  I am inexperienced and should take my husbands advice and leave it alone but I can’t …… Anyone have an explanation for this ? I really wish I had the capability to download sound,  maybe someone out there could help…..more to come


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