Vampire lifestyle, not my usual arena

When I was young like most people I went out with my friends…a lot for some of you,  you know the routine,  your friends come over have the pre-party stroll out about 11pm for unknown and seemingly really cool at the time really obnoxious behavior at some bar,  go to the after party arrive home about 5 a.m. sleep most of the next day,  wake up and wonder who you pissed off the night before,  that is if you wake up alone… ahh youth.

Anyway my younger brother used to call me a Vampire for obvious reasons,  he would call during the day and leave a message.  “Did you crawl out of your coffin yet?”  Yeah he’s a real clown well not a real clown but can be just as creepy.

Back to why I am rambling……… I have been sick the past few years starting out with a series of possibly life threatening infections, several hospitalizations, surgeries blah blah blah.   I developed a skin condition after my immune system dropped through the floor,  most likely autoimmune disorder based,  it presents as extreme itching on my arms, face, neck, chest.  followed by rash followed by 2nd degree burn like redness and pain and accompanied by facial swelling that would send “Michael Meyers” running in fear,  well after many E.R. trips and basically being called a drug seeker (pain med’s) 8 dermatologists later I finally have a diagnosis,  Photosensitivity,  sounds benign enough,  look it up……….. I basically I am allergic to light,  sunlight,  some indoor light.  All that uva uvb stuff you here on sunblock commercials  I told the doctor I don’ lay out in the sun,  it doesn’t matter just walking to the car,  out to get the mail short stints build up UVA until your body has had enough and once that switch is flipped its like a 3 week vacation to hell’s version of the bahamas.  Well I guess it is life long once it starts,  I have to were 50spf sunblock all the time ( I will be the whitest woman on the planet how attractive) shouldn’t be out winter or summe between 11am-5pm  sun or shade those rays do go through clouds thats why you can get a sunburn on an overcast day,  and they penetrate car windows.  So short of being know in my new neighborhood as the crazy women in the shroud I guess I will just crawl back into my coffin.  Ill just hang with the ghosts.


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