Excuse me….. I didn’t know you liked baseball


  Kind of an odd day at the house.  You could feel something in the air,  I was a little uneasy all day.  Upon first walking in it was about 10 in the morning,  not quite sure what I was going to do that day,  probably paint as usual.  A house that encompasses approximately 2900 sq. ft.  believe me the painting is endless… good thing I like paint.  I really do I like the colors,  the smell of fresh latex in the air almost as good as a walking into a Starbucks,  you probably think I’m kidding I’m really not,  really, yeah sad.  Anyway I’m just kinda standing there and in my “Stepford wives” ( If you haven’t heard of the stepford wives your probably to young to be reading this) quiet like neighborhood I hear this huge Boom!!,  I mean it literally shook the house for a good 3-4 seconds,  weirder the sound came from upstairs,  I kinda froze,  as usual no one was outside, no cars, people,  just the perfectly cut lawns I saw when I pulled in (except for ours) I swear I don’t know who cut’s them?  I never see it happen or here it, weird but that’s a whole different subject… Lawn fairies or something at night.  I may seem flippant about all this but hey I am kind of getting used to it and I’m kinda bored and feeling sarcastic tonight.  Anyway I didn’t know what to do,  I didn’t even bother to look upstairs at this point I’m real used to the strange stuff and I didn’t see any glaring holes in the house so I just went about my day,  the rest of the day was uneventful I had called my husband and told him about it,  he didn’t know what to say either.  I mean really I just kind if chalked it up!  Hours later I cleaned up sat on the couch,  you probably think it’s weird I have a couch in our rehab so does my husband,  but I,  being an artist have already  mentally moved in I mean the living room is painted and decorated, so it gets dusty,  I need my aesthetic fix, to be inspired to work.  My husband didn’t know this but as soon as we got the key I started working my design plan and buying at least one item a week and hiding it in the trunk of my car after the first 6 weeks or so I practically had to sit on it to get it to close, “hee, hee”  Explanation aside and back on the couch of course I had my handy boom box,  I rarely turn it on I like quiet.  When I get up  in the morning I sit in silence,  no tv,  radio,  nothing except of course my dogs for seriously like 2 hours just taking in thought.  No morning news for me,  I’m right brained,  as long as things appear the same and the sky is still the right color I don’t sweat it.  I’m rambling again,  slight a.d.d.  So here I am on the couch I promise I won’t go into that again…  and the radio comes on!  it was on whatever AM station my husband left it on you know… sports,  it was about 3 ish and the Indians were on,  yeah I’m near Cleveland… sorry  Just kidding Cleveland is actually “The bomb” no pun intended. Now this happened right in front of me I mean I was just kind of zoning, working up the energy to go home and there it was,  shocked? yeah,  freaked? a little,  this was a little less benign then my previous “in person” experiences,  not knowing really what to do I just said ” Like Baseball?’  left the game on,  got my stuff and left for the night.


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