GO FOR BROKE??? “We’re going to Spiritland!”

Ok,  I know this all seems like fun and games,  if you don’t think about it too much,  a noise here,  strange pictures,  a voice on tape.  It seems relatively harmless compared to the reality shows,  with shadow figures,  apparitions,  wind,  beds shaking etc.  all in one hours time,  well as you can see in real life it doesn’t happen that way my story takes place in real time not condensed into an hour show.  My question is,  am I taking all this too lightly,  my husband thinks so,  he doesn’t even want to talk about it ( unless something happens to him).  We have not even technically move in yet we are still finishing up before we can “Make the move”,  we can’t even stay overnight yet because we have dogs at home.   For those of you out there with more experience are we crazy to move into this house?  I’m having a good time now but is this going to turn into a nightmare?



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