Back to the story shortly after the baseball incident,  I continued to record at night I was kind of focusing on the basement at this time,  I had gotten some orb pictures down there and thought “It is the portal to hell right?”

I am getting ready to leave the house for the day and since my recorders were turned off another time in the basement (see previous post)  I thought I would turn it on upstairs and kind of narrate myself down to its final resting place…….so to speak,  you know sneaky and less obvious,   like just strollin’  to the basement.  so I walk down the stairs and set the recorder just at the bottom of the steps turn off the lights and go back up and leave the house for the night.

It’s the next day and I get to the house announce myself and proceed to the basement to get my recorder,  to my surprise it was still on so making it obvious it was me I turned it off and brought it upstairs.  By now I am getting braver and so I pull out my trusty dollar store headset,  plug it in and listen.  I can here myself walking,   announcing “I am walking downstairs”  here my footsteps on the stairs…then in between my footstep sounds I heard what sounded like a voice!  I rewound the recorder and played it again I listen carefully and here

my footstep….”Get”…another footstep…”Out” now this freaked me out,  it was a mans voice though it wasn’t like in all the movies like some deep foreboding voice “GET OUT!”  it was like,  seriously “GET out” kind of sarcastic,   like get a life… haven’t you had enough.  It was kind of embarrassing I was annoying the spirits,  at least this one,  now I know I can be pretty annoying at times but it usually takes knowing me a little longer.  Let’s just say I’ve been leaving the basement people alone for awhile.  MORE TO COME………..


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