I left my recorder on last night as I frequently do  though I rarely get anything on it,  well when I got to the house today I was in a rush,  I turned off the recorder and went about why I was there,  I was measuring the opening for the refrigerator we want to get,  got that wrote it down otherwise it end’s up in the abyss… and left again bringing my recorder with me.  Like I have said before I turn down the volume first and check to see how much time recorded,  which I  did and it was like 58 minutes,  very odd well driving to the appliance store of course I can’t wait,  so I press play.  At first the usual clanging,  and some bang’s maybe a minutes worth then… I almost ran off the road an extremely loud  “alert” noise,  after listening to it repeat I narrowed it down to a smoke detector going off,  now I was just there no signs of fire,  we don’t have a furnace and very few lights on.  This sound repeated over and over again just like a smoke detector would for over 45 minutes I fast forwarded a little…. not much patience when you are being blasted by noise.  I then suddenly went off,  the next noise was me coming through the door.  any idea’s out there?   OH the fridge won’t fit.



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