Our rehab house is almost finished!  However I have yet to spend the whole night.  I discussed it with my husband and I have decided I have to spend the night,  and do a full blown investigation.  I have no one to go with me,   we have 5 dogs,  and my husband or I have to be home or they will lose it,  so………. it’s my interest,  my blog so I am going to go for it.  I am going to go to the house about 11:00 pm and stay through the next day,  I am going to spend the night the day after tomorrow and my husband is off  work the next day and will be coming to the house in the morning.  I am going to lock myself in for safety reasons and have means of protection if need be,  since the house was broke into when we first bought it you can’t be to careful especially a female alone,  since we are moving soon I have to do it now.  I plan on staying up the whole night,  do some evp sessions,  emf readings and and hope I get some answers,  I will have to get some sleep so I plan to leave the recorder on while I’m sleeping and see if I pick anything up.  I plan to pay special attention from the hours of 2am until 4am as it is said that 3am is considered “dead time”  the time of most activity…..see I’ve been doing my homework!  The house has had activity during the day and at night,  it appears to be an intelligent haunt,  meaning there is activity related to evp questions,  my recorders being shut off and such I hope I have some luck and that my presence doesn’t cause them to pull back.  I had some visitors a few nights ago and the atmosphere felt different it is said spirits can choose to appear,  “hide” clear the air so to speak,  I hope this is not the case.  Wish me luck of course I will follow up with anything that happens,  or if nothing happens,  I’ll be back,  famous last words in all horror movies right before they get “sliced & diced”…(line from movie Scream)  If I can make it through dead time without freaking out and running out into the night ……I think this will be our home for a long time.  More to come………………………..


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