So as expected I had butterflies all day,  I was going to go to the house at about 10:30pm,  however who would have thought I couldn’t wait that long.  I got there about 9:00.   Of course I had my digital recorder,  emf reader,  cassette recorder,  camera,  and my husbands infrared Deer camera from the cemetery… (used for vandals and such at night). 


1) The cassettes for my recorder given to me by  store employee did not fit!

2) Boredom and nervousness until I started at midnight.

3) The biggest one you will read in a minute or 10 (depending if you skim)

Finely Midnight.  I started by setting up the infrared in a place for best coverage, and started doing basic evp work.  The usual type of questions about the house and occupants….I will not bore you with every one.  I was using my digital recorder,  since that was the only one I had.  I started downstairs frequently walking by the infrared to see if I could catch anything,  to my surprise once I got started I was fine,  not nervous actually enjoying myself.  As usual the neighborhood was dead quiet maybe 4 cars the whole night passed by.  No walkers,  at least live ones…ha ha.  after awhile I decided to leave the recorder on and take a break.  Had some diet coke,  couple of donuts (we actually have a refrigerator now).  Still quiet I decided to set up the infrared across the dining room table from me and sit and converse and ask questions,  I asked things like what is your name, how many of you are here, etc.  not expecting to get an audible answer I decided to ask if they could make some noises so I asked  “can you knock on something to let me know your here? like this”  I knocked twice on the table,  got nothing,  “how about a whistle”,  In the past I heard a whistle like that high-low type and I answered back and it did it again.  Well this time no go at least that I could here.  After this session I went upstairs with the infrared set it up, walked by a few times and saw the red light flash to make sure it was working,  it was pitch black and I went from room to room asking questions with my recorder again nothing audible.  By this time it was getting very late (after 3am) and I decided to call it a night,  now the scariest part for me was recording,  and setting up the infrared on me as I slept.  We have no computer there yet and I don’t have a laptop so I had yet to see any pictures.  I went to sleep on the couch,  no bed yet and the next thing I knew it was morning,  and my husband was there.  I stayed the day to finish  putting down the tile in the kitchen,  went home,  had dinner and crashed.  The next thing I new it was 8 this morning!!  The first thing I did was listen to my recorder.  The night was a quiet one not much to report,   except one incident.  When I was having my session at the dining room table none of my questions were answered,  however when I asked if they could make a noise  You can hear me say can you knock like this and I knock the 2 times on the table,  immediately after there was a Loud knock,  I did not here this with my ears,  immediately prior to that, now I was sitting at the table.   I heard footsteps by the sound of them they were walking around the table there were at least 5 or 6,  this was concurrent with my question and my 2 knocks,  the steps were while I was talking and the loud Knock was when they stopped.  It was a little creepy mentally picturing someone walking around the table an arms reach from me and knocking on the table,  it was definitely the table even though the knock was considerably louder than mine it had the same wood quality to it that mine did.   Ahh,,  I forgot to tell you when I came downstairs to take my break I set the recorder still running on the dining room table and went to sit on the couch,   and after listening later you hear my voice still talking (that’s what I do I talk regardless as if someone is there) my voice is getting farther away and fading slightly,  It’s about 10 feet and midsentence the recorder was turned off.  I did not notice that night because each session I changed the recorder to a different folder so after my break I walked to it (i found a way to turn of the beep noises to be stealth, ha)  hit the off button and switched it to the next folder.  This is not the first time the recorder was switched of,  actually it’s the 4th if you count my post on when the cassette and digital were turned of at the same time 5 minutes after I left the house, but you can find that later if you like.  


The infrared though flashing took NO pictures,  I am furious,  so this leads to part II.  I am going back tonite for a repeat.  My husband is bringing the camera home from the house I have the card and we are going to test it.  I can’t tell you how sick I feel about this…So part II tomorrow!! 


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