I purposely left this part out of my post last night, embarrassment, I should know better?  I don’t know but here it goes I’m going to spill it.  Last night was when I dropped off my film for the 1hr development and headed to the house to do a quick infrared (by this time I’m seeing red) test, and retrieve the camera to see if it worked away from the house.  Well it’s about a half hour drive so I hung around for awhile and had a “chat” with my spirit buddies,  let’s say more than a chat I was mad,  tired,  disappointed to say the least.  I pretty much in a nutshell  odd I included the wore “nut” well probably not if you asked my husband, haha………anyway I proceeded to basically tell my “tenants”  that they were cowards,  sure run and hide! screw with my equipment and on and on I’m sure you can imagine.  So after my rant,  I pretty much “picked up my toys and ran home” but not before I picked up my pictures from the photo shop.  If,  and I hope you did read my previous post I had quite the picture in there…. poor tiny orbs,  how can they compete with the huge dark swirling mass.  Well I know you should not provoke but everybody looses it sometimes…wish me luck!


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