After speaking with Paulie from N.E.R.D.S.,   After extensive Q & A about the house and the picture he came to the conclusion that it appears to be a vortex or portal.  He suggested to bring some religious articles to the spot.  I placed 2 pictures of Mary and Jesus,  a Jesus candle and a bible  around the area of the anomaly,  marked their location to see if anything is disturbed,  I left both my cassette and digital recorders on and left for the night.  Today I left for the house upon my arrival,  I went to the area in question and turned off my recorders.   Their did not seem to be any disturbance to the religious articles as of yet.  I went to the living room to check the recordings,  the cassette recorder is only 30 minutes the digital will run until the batteries are dead.  I listened to the cassette first I could here myself leaving and after about 20 minutes I heard a woman’s voice say “No”  not much but it must have happened soon after I left seeing it is a 30 minute tape.  After I listened to the cassette I listened to the digital recorder it verified the evp as I heard the same voice,  the digital picked up more obviously as it runs all night,  their were a series of bangs, sounds of movement basically sounded like things were being thrown,  however nothing appeared to be touched.

As advised by Paulie I also took more pictures of the area and tried to line it up as the original picture was taken, the original was taken in the dark with a flash so I took more than one with and without the flash,  I have yet to have them developed.

As things stand I am still in process of trying to see what may have caused this disturbing picture,  I will continue tomorrow.  As this week has left me drained,  sick ,  and tired  I am sleeping more than I am awake.

I plan to go to bed and try to regain some energy,  I will continue tomorrow.


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