1st pic 1st roll of film

taken saturday, new roll of film

taken tues after painting during day

After I had my pictures developed the first time and saw the vortex,  portal kind of anomaly,  I spoke with N.E.R.D.S.  and was told it looked like some kind of portal,  well with my infrared picture debacle.  I returned last Saturday to spend the night again to try with the new camera,  explanation  seems to be my old computer “does not recognize device”  (SD cards)  even though I have tried 3 they simply won’t download on my computer,  my stepson said he can fix this,  of course he grew up with computers in school,  we couldn’t even use calculators,  but that’s another story.

Stay with me I will download those pic’s at some point until then I will have to stick with my 35 mm.  When I stayed saturday night I didn’t take as many pictures or did as much frankly as I have been saying I was simply tired,  I finally finished the 2nd roll of film taking Paulie from N.E.R.D.S.  suggestion placing religious items around the area and taking pictures trying to align the camera as it was the night of the anomaly,  which I did,  the roll was developed today and I almost passed out when the same portal like anomaly showed up again in the same spot but at a different angle and farther away.  Apparently I was in the hallway  Saturday night which shows up dark,  and the square that is lit up is the same closet lit with the flash, almost identical to the first picture with slight differences in color and position,  Now if this was on the same role of film I would not be as freaked.  This second picture is on a completely different roll of film and developed today approximately a week later.  I honestly don’t know what’s going on,  I am literally sick to my stomach because this “Portal” is in what is to be my stepsons bedroom.  I have not mentioned it,   or showed him the pictures and don’t plan on it .   I will add the pictures on this post if ANYBODY!!! CAN EXPLAIN OR HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!!

Pic. #1 is original anomaly on 1 roll of film a over a week ago

Pic #2 is on a different role of film after the original was developed

Pic #3 is daytime pic the reason the closet is white in this pic is my husband primed the day after I took pic #2….shot the rest of the film and had it developed today on same roll of film as pic #2



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  2. I’m not so sure I’d call that a portal as much as it being just another manifestation of a spirit. To me pictures can not confirm portals and you may need a psychic or bust out some dowsing rods to know for certain.


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