My husband and I went to the house today as usual for us on Sunday’s,  it was a quiet day,  though my husband was blasting the stereo so who knows.  I didn’t have much I could do He cleared out our bedroom which we were using as a base room for the tools, supplies etc.  It is the last room we have to do,  I will be back to prying out particle board nailed over the hardwood tomorrow.

My time at the house today I reflected on the things going on,  the questions behind the Portal pictures and other activity that usually causes fear in most people,  I admit the portal pic’s have me questioning the goings on in our home.  I assume it will continue as from what I have read about them if it truly is a portal they are almost impossible to close.

Fear,  should we have fear,  at this time it is unknown we will see what occurs as we go on.  I started recalling my past thinking about,  have I had fear of things,  the unknown in the past? of course every one does.  But real fear that heart pounding,  trembling fear not of the unknown but of something real,  something that happens in an instant,  something to run from,  and I recalled an incident from my youth,  that inspired not just fear but terror.

This is a true happening,  sad in the end,  terrifying at the time and embedded in my mind like it was yesterday.  It was Halloween and my friends and I were about 14 at the time,  a little old for trick or treat so my older brother and his friends offered to set up a “Haunted Forest”  activity for us in the woods behind our house.  We were to wait until about 9:00 p.m. to enter the forest at a designated spot and walk the woods waiting for the tricks and stunts by my brother and his friends to scare us silly.  My friends consisted of 3 other girls,  one was on crutches after knee surgery.  ( what were we thinking)  and myself.   Well to get to the woods we had to go down a rather steep but short hill,  tree covered but had paths from my brother and I playing in those woods all our lives,  My brother and his friends were 17,  and I think there were 3 of them.  We of course did not know what to expect.  Well the time came and of course “giddy” with fear and the thought of older boys scaring us was just about as good as it gets at that time.

We entered the woods as directed,  I took charge of my friend on crutches and we all made it down the hill,  what we didn’t know is the fear was not going to come from my brother and his friends it was going to be much worse.  I don’t remember even starting the scares and thrills from my brother and his friends,  but do remember being rushed by the boys saying we all had to get out of the woods NOW!!.  My friends and I thought this was their plan,  until from the top of the hill a little further down from our house was the figure of a man.  Not just an ordinary man he said he was the police,  an we had to get out now that there was a fugitive in the woods and to clear out,  by this time I knew this was not a prank,  all terrified and running to scramble up our hill,  except myself and my friend on crutches,  I helped her up,  we were the last to get to my yard.

All of us reassembled and started talking,  what was going on?,   who were they chasing,  out of breath and more than disappointed that our night was ended before it got started we just called it a night,  went to the house and met up with my parents,  we sat around for awhile then eventually my friends left,  and my brother out doing something else by now I was home alone with my parents ,  I went to my room or something and by this time the news was on,  My parents called me downstairs and told me that under no circumstance was I to leave the house.

I found out the next day,  that the man the police were chasing,  in “My”  woods had just murdered his wife,  he stabbed her to death in the driveway of their home on our street,  took off through his backyard ran down the next street over which leads to the woods where we were.  I had to go to school that next morning and I had to walk by the house that the murder took place in,  as I was walking by the landlord was there with a hose washing the blood off the driveway.  I will never forget that sight I can picture it now blood being pushed by water spreading into the surrounding grass.  That’s when it really hit home,  my god we were so close to this man,  he was still on the loose,  the woman had 2 young children that ran to a neighbors house when it happened.  I still had to go to school,  telling my friends about what I saw and we revue d the previous nights events.  This will never leave my mind,   This is real terror nothing unknown about it.  Pretty cut and dried….no pun intended.  How did this story end?  The man that killed his wife snuck back to his home,  went into the garage,  turned on the car and asphyxiated himself with the carbon monoxide.  A cowardly ending to a brutal horrible  crime leaving 2 children parentless and terrified.  Now that my friends is real terror……….


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