As I said yesterday my husband and I were at the house as usual,  and today I went to the house to work. Sunday my husband left the house first,  I hung around for awhile to clean up a little bit.   I had left my digital recorder in the “Portal area” set on record and left for the day as I often do,  I went to bed early and when I got to the house today everything was normal,  the first thing I do is announce myself so I know any sound after that is me coming in the house.  I immediately go to turn off the recorder.  I usually sit around for awhile thinking about what I am going to do,  I know I should be prying particle board from our bedroom floor,  not exactly my favorite thing,  when I did the dining room it took me 4 day’s.  So I know I have to do it,  I go find the pry bar and hammer and get ready for the inevitable,  particle board sucks excuse the language.  Why someone would hammer 2 layers over hardwood,  with screw nails yet is beyond me,  removing this is a tedious process at best.

Back to the subject at hand,  sometimes I listen to my recorder right away,  if my husband is not there,  he does not like it,  doesn’t want to hear it.  Today as I always do I turn down the volume hit play and fast forward to see how much time recorded “it is voice or sound activated”  so I know what to expect if it is something like 40 seconds I don’t expect much,  more time and there might  be something.  Today it was something like 2 minutes and 50 some seconds……….interesting.  My curiosity got the best of me and I hit play,  now like I do when I come in the house when I leave the house I always say I am leaving so my footsteps and and shutting the door cannot be misconstrued.  I listened to myself say I was leaving and heard my footsteps,  as I heard my footsteps I also heard a male voice say,

“I am in the house be not afraid”  I stopped the recorder and hit rewind to listen again… and again I heard myself leave and the voice……”I am in the house be not afraid”.  Now I know my husband was allready gone,  I always make sure he leaves before I set my recorder so I have control over “the exit” and there are no extra sounds…..now I was a little freaked but listened to the rest of the recording,  I heard the usual bangs, and other chaotic sounds  I usually pick up,  which is odd in itself as I never hear these sounds when I am in the house.  Then I here my arrival in the morning.  I sit and contemplate  what I had just heard and probably listen to it at least 2 more times,  I decide my husband has to hear this weather he wants to or not so after I get home, and I of course have my recorder set at the  house right now…glutton for punishment!  I make dinner and wait for my husband to come home.  I tell him I know you don’t like hearing this stuff but you have to hear this.  Now my recorder has 5 “area’s” you can record on,  A,B,C,D,E…and each has 4 folders.  On the day in question,  Sunday night I know I had it set on C-2…I hit play with the volume turned all the way up and it was gone you heard me say “I’m leaving”  but no footsteps,  no voice just a low soft static like sound,  I tell him just wait it’s there but the next thing you hear are the bangs and other sounds,  which made of us both jump with the volume all the way up and then me coming in.  Now for my husband the banging is enough,  but I told him what I heard and we listened again  and it was gone.  Was I crazy?  did I playback the wrong folder, I listened to the other recordings and could tell right away they weren’t the one.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SOUND OF ME LEAVING AND THE VOICE?   I told my husband what I had heard and he kind of shrugged his shoulders,  and said  “I didn’t hear it”… well either did I,  what could have  happened,  can recordings be manipulated?  I don’t know,  all I know is I heard it multiple times and now it’s gone,  all that is left is a 5 second “lapse” in the recording,   I know I played the right folder, none of the others are even close.

I don’t know what happened but I do know what I heard and that I am not prone to hearing things.  If anyone has had an experience like this please let me know this is hard  enough without manipulation.  I mean who’s provoking who now!


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