Of my many posts this one is probably one of the most serious.  I have had phones ringing,  evp’s, the house shaking,  and my biggest state of unrest “The Portal”.  However as I have mentioned before I record overnight maybe about 3 days a week or if something interesting is going on in the house.  I have had some odd results from a power saw , to a Hiroshima type percussion explosion, and don’t forget the orbs and I’m sure there is plenty I am forgetting,  I just got reamed from another blogger, she feels I am playing around with things I should just leave alone……….and you know what she is probably right,  she call’s herself a seer,  I think she is Native American for who’s culture I have great respect.   She looked over my blog  and doesn’t feel I opened the portal however she feels I am making matters worse by writing about it or talking about it.  She felt physically sick when she saw the picture of my house.  I get sick too  but it’s more because it’s not done yet,  I am not mocking her comments just the opposite.  She feels it is not the house it is the ground it is on,  also if I continue I will make things worse for myself and my family.  She also feels I am being manipulated by the entity and giving it power.  I appreciate all her thoughts and advice.  I always assumed it was the house due to the fact that as I have mentioned before the house was moved from another location,  I guessed they loved the house,  were experiencing activity and thought by moving it, the activity would stop,   this is an expensive endeavor and the owner sold the property 6 years later….hardly worth the work of moving a house I am more confused than ever is it the house or the land.  When things settle down,  after the move and such I am really going to try to contact the previous owner,  I have found his name on the county auditors website,  so he shouldn’t be hard to find.  Am I being manipulated?  how would you know.  Well they say “a picture speaks a thousand words”.  And my pictures say a lot.  Will I stop?  what do you think………exactly.



  1. I dont believe you are empowring anything but you are becoming more aware of what is going on. The question is what do you want to do with this sitiuation? Live with it or change the situation. It is probably a combination of the land & the house and possibly the incident’s atttached to them. I wish I could hear the evp’s


    • Yesterday was the first day I’ve been to the house in almost a week I have been sick, I have some chronic “conditions” that wipe me out if I overextend myself so I have been out of the picture so to say, I think what I want to do with this situation unless it becomes a problem is learn from it even my husband has been interested in different plains of existence, paranormal or otherwise, believe me as soon as I can I am getting an up to date computer, So I can download things like evps, install software etc. I guess I am looking at this as a study of the unknown.


      • Inever told any other bloggers but I have an autoimmune disorder that can put me down for weeks hence the blank times…..but not for 2 years we did well contracted the exterior rehab it was more than we thought, More aggravation and I’m sure you have heard the stories…my mind wasn’t in it. Hard to be creative when the front porch of your house is ripped off and your front door opens to a10 ft drop….anyway I’m back answering a 2 year old question…..but really thanks, no one else noticed I dropped off the WordPress earth…lol


      • Well I pray everything turns out good for you, keep the faith in God and everything will work out. I had taken down my site for security purposes but should have it back and running soon on the entity research.


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