Continuing on from my last post I left my recorder on friday night too.  I heard the same rhythmic bang,  accompanied by louder bangs at random,  but this time I had left my recorder in the dining room.  I listened to the recording I am just hearing the same type of activity as I had on thursday night,  then there was something different,  it was not rhythmic it was various  sounds quiet bumps,  creaks,  and the sound of movement,  I heard what sounded like footsteps in an erratic pattern,  3 steps here,  4 steps there it sounded circular in pattern with short stops in between,    I honest to god got a picture in my head of a woman of all things dishing out soup,  I picture her as a servant type person,  with a black dress,  white apron and white “bonnet” kind of thing, light brown hair in a sloppy bun,  strands hanging out of the bonnet,  all I know is if she worked for me she had best clean up her act,  ha ha.   I don’t picture anyone else,  so who is she dishing it out to.  Is this just what it sounds like to me so my brain produced an image,  or did I pick up on some residual event from the past.

The workings of the human brain are so vast so who knows.  However the picture of her in my mind is so clear it seems to be more than a subconscious fleeting thought,  the rest of the image is just shadowy,  no other people,  and no soup! just her and her actions as if she is dishing something out.  Has anyone out there had an experience like this?  Or an explanation,  or maybe I just have a vivid imagination. 

Tonight I am going to the house,  not to stay over just to take pictures,  some evp work,   it’s been awhile so I want to take a picture of the “portal”  room,  though it is being painted I don’t know what to expect will this cause a cease in activity,  or maybe it makes no difference I guess I’ll find out!!!  stay tuned


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