Last week was a bad week for me I was sick….tired and didn’t make it out to the house until Thursday,  but I’m back at it.  I went out to the house with my husband Thursday evening after dinner,  we are trying to speed things up this rehab is dragging us both down.  We worked for a few hours it was getting dark my husband had to get up early for work so he left and I stayed for awhile,  cleaning up and closing up the house,  and of course setting up my digital recorder for the night anticipating being back the next morning.  I did come back the next morning and as usual I announce myself,  and turn off the recorder usually I set it aside until later so I at least get some work done.  I don’t like to sit too long before I get started,  because it kind of set’s the mood for the whole day,  s l o w….I worked for a while before I took a break.  They say curiosity killed the cat,  and I’m no different I had to listen to the tape.  I heard the usual,  announcing that I’m leaving,  listen for the door slam and then silence…..I know I’m gone.  

Almost immediately I heard a sound I had never heard before,  I was almost musical,  a slow,  low toned about 3 second high to low sound,  then a bang like a wood pole hitting metal,  this concecutive  repetition sounded over and over again with louder bangs at random times throughout.  I didn’t stop it was continuous over and over again for what seemed like forever,  I continued to listen for 5 to 10 minutes and with the monotonous background sound began loud bangs,   short quiet bangs,   and the distinctive sounds of what sounded like our cabinets being opened and let close as it bounces off the wood frame,  there was an odd  twinkling  sound almost like silverware being gone through or  my wine glasses,  if  I didn’t know better I would think someone was living there at night,  obviously impossible,  I’m pretty OCD I would know if anything was different.  I have come to the conclusion that spirits can control what we see and here,  I have slept at the house and heard nothing,  though as you have probably seen earlier gotten some pretty good photo’s.

Example I can feel when something is off,  like I’m not alone sometimes it is comforting at times not.  I am there daily,  and several days can go by without any kind of feeling,    whatever prescence is there is used to me,  and my husband and doesnt hesitate to make themselves known if they want too. 

Example 2,  My brother and my niece were in from out of town,  and they know about the house and our claims,  but when I got there anticipating their arrival the house was “different”  it felt…..clear,  it is hard to explain unless you have lived it,  when I am there alone or with my husband I usually feel a certain,  tingle?  I guess,  or awareness of my surroundings,  at this point it’s like a given that we are not alone,  but that night my brother and niece stayed until well after dark and I felt almost like the prescence,   had “withdrawn” for the time being,   watching but not excerting any sign of being.  Like a shy child not quite sure if it’s o.k.

I am learning more everyday I’m going to end now…. I still have friday nights events to tell,   till next time!


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