I went out to the house last night for the sole purpose of doing evp sessions and taking pictures,  I do not have the pictures developed yet but I hope to later.  The night was as it usually is dead quiet in the neighborhood,  me locked in the house,  I had the recorder on the whole time I was there no matter what I was doing,  I actually ran out of film pretty quickly,  I wanted to take quite a few pic’s in the “portal” room to see what I get,  I kind of hope nothing this time,  if it shows up again………well I’ll think about that later.

I finally decided to sit in the living room turn off the lights and start a full evp session.  I have not had much luck in that area as far as voices and conveniently when I am there no bangs or other noises record.  I went through my usual routine,  I pretty much ask the same questions,  did you live here,  what’s your name,  that kind of stuff.  I did this for about 30 minutes and frankly ran out of things to ask,  and decided to go home.

It is about 11pm at my current home and I start my playback,  I usually wait until my husband goes to bed for one he doesn’t like it and also I can turn off the T.V.  so there is no interference.  I listened for awhile,  me walking around,  taking pictures etc.  and when I ran out of film as I said I started my session.  I was asking questions with dead space in between getting no responses no sounds,  just quiet.  About 12 minutes in I asked a question and I got a brief response to my surprise.  It played out like this…. The question I asked was “Do you want to leave”   The response was  “yeah”.  This was a male voice sounded just like the voice I heard and blogged about some time ago  when I asked the question “have you lived here a long time”?  the answer was  “short” .

Most people believe spirits are from way back like the 1800’s,  but people pass away all the time,  the use of the slang term  “yeah” tells me this was a young person who passed not long ago.  I am going to take you back to the post I wrote about what my new neighbor told me about the man that lived in our house a while back,  unfortunately he was a drug dealer,  it was common knowledge in the neighborhood as it is a development that you would not think this would be happening… I guess times have changed,  due to circumstances unknown to her he was murdered,  shot to be exact,  probably drug related,  though it did not happen in the house it actually happened within 100 feet or so from the house,  I feel it is not implausible that he would return to his former home.  I am not qualified to “cross” him over nor would I know how to do it safely,  is he afraid?  because of his former lifestyle? afraid of where he’ll ultimately end up?  All of this is pure speculation but I can’t help feel empathy for this poor lost soul.


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