Moves are never fun,  though compared to most this one should have been a breeze,  after all we already had our rehab and decor done appliances and all the furniture but the bed and T.V..  however never make assumptions.  We were didn’t plan a move date the water company chose it for us, paying utilities for 2 houses caught up to us and we had a shut off date of October 3, 2012.

Some things you can do without….water is not one of them.  We had about 10 days of casual trips and last minute decisions to make,  on the 2nd after my husband got home from work we were ready to move the bed and T.V. and don’t forget the 5 dogs to the new house,  the T.V. was in the pick-up, next came the mattress,  truck backed up to the front porch, slid the mattress out on to the front porch I went down the steps,  my husband at the top balancing it,  we started to slide it in the truck and boom it tipped over knocked me to the ground on my side,  thought I broke my shoulder…I was done for the night couldn’t move my right arm no heavy lifting for me.

My motto is “suck it up”  when it came time to take the dogs to the house I took the 2 little ones,  my husband took the other 3,  remember these are not normal dogs they are high strung Italian greyhounds,  they may be small but they are strong and fast.  Even though restrained they managed to climb on my head jump in my lap, try to jump on the dash, all driving with one arm,    I went off the road twice.  Dogs finally in the new house the real fun began, at this point my mild mannered husband was about at his breaking point.  Both our moods at the breaking point he basically got the furniture inside,  had a melt down and went to bed,  I slept on the couch. 




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