Mind over matter,  we have all heard of it,  we have all tried to accept it and brush it off as something we can try to control but it is an anomaly.  Anomaly the definition from Websters Dictionary is:  Anomaly,  deviation from the common rule,  an irregularity,  some people may be considered an anomaly,  anything unexplained, an alternate realm.  It is all a matter of thought and interpretation.

My husband and I consider our new home an anomaly.  He and I as a couple are very compatible,  we have a lot of fun and even managed to stay together during our year long reno…  However if you have been following  my blog you know of the “anomalies”  that exist in our home,  at this point I suggest if you have not read my post “Portal confirmed”  I suggest you do before you go any further.

After our initial meltdown on moving day,  things got back to normal between us,  the bigger change was for my husband,  a creature of habit.  My stepson though on the surface very excited  about the move dragged his feet,  didn’t finish what was left to be done,  and after bringing a box at a time finally moved in after about 2 weeks,  his area was designated upstairs,   he had 2 rooms and a bath in between to do with what he wished,  the first thing I found strange is where he put his bed,  though he was not aware of the pictures I took in the room he chose as his bedroom he chose that room and placed his bed against the wall blocking the entrance to the open closet space.  Essentially directly on the spot the picture of the portal like “anomaly”  appeared on film twice.

He has always been lets say “troubled”  to respect his privacy,   however he treated us he has never or is it in his nature to “Throw us under the bus” .  However there was an incident not untypical regarding his behaviors,  where we had to call in law enforcement to handle the problem for safety reasons for myself and my husband, when questioned by police my stepson basically told them an object that was discovered belonged to my husband,  sparking a call at my husbands place of employment on the company line while standing next to his boss.  The accusation couldn’t be farther from the truth.  My husband is a straight arrow,  no drinking, drugs,  or would never go near a firearm. Needless to say after years of behavioral issues from my stepson,  for my husband this was the last straw,  as an accusation of  this sort could ruin him,  to my surprise my stepson was told  he was moving and needed to find a permanent place to live which was followed through on though we still have an on going relationship with him he will not live with us again.

Coincidence? that my stepson chose to get himself in this situation,  Place blame for his decisions on my husband to save his own skin?

Coincidence?   that he chose that bed placement

Coincidence that he dragged his feet moving in and never really unpacked

Family fracture #1….  long time coming or something else……Thoughts?



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