blue guyAfter the move but before the departure of my stepson,  nothing was as I pictured,  I had been waiting a year for this time and everything went wrong.  Starting with my fall during the move,  I spent the next morning at an Urgent Care Clinic.   I was given pain meds,  my shoulder was not broken but I was referred to an Orthopedist however without insurance I declined.  My husband and I barely spoke the first few days after the disastrous evening of the move.  We soon found out the upstairs were my stepson was living with the hardwood floors echoed all over the house and we could here every phone conversation he had and when he came down the steps it sounded like an avalanche.  However we pressed on,   there was no sign of paranormal activity however with 2 T.V.s,  3 people and 5 dogs who would know.

Although things became better,  great as a matter of fact,  My husband was settling in,  Since he and my stepson worked together they came home with all kinds of stories.  We were finally eating dinner together as a family,  my stepson seemed happy,  which he rarely was before.

Slowly however there was a change,  my stepson was once again sullen,  making demands about household life to the extent of he should be able to have his friends over several nights a week,  and we should retire to our bedroom,  and his cat should have the run of the house as well at times and we lock up the dogs.  His reasoning was he did not ask to live with 5 dogs and it’s only fair that he have equal rights in this house as he considered all this a compromise………If I spoke this way to my parents  I would not be here today writing this blog I’d probably be living under a bridge somewhere.

As I stared as he went on and on, I finally stopped him,  and firmly told him at the age of 23 he should feel fortunate to remain welcome to stay free of room and board,  Wi Fi,  cable and a paid cell phone….not my idea.  And promptly told him that I have no reason to compromise,  and why simply because I don’t have to.  With the move he was told there would be changes,  he cleans up his act and fly’s  right period.

This whole episode though I have heard worse from him,  really floored me,  where did this demanding,  bold,  straight forward person come from.  In the past he pretty much hid from any conversation with us as to not have to relay information on where he was and what he was doing,  he had a basement room that led to the side door at our old house so he would come and go,  have friends come and go and we would never see them,  sometimes even though we knew he was home we may not see him for days at a time.  I frequently sent my husband downstairs to make sure he was alive….yeah it was that bad.

After I set him straight,  he retreated upstairs and never brought it up again.  This was a stiff,  demanding,  pacing person that I have never encountered before,  this was the  beginning of the end of his time in our home.

As I think back…was this my stepson I was speaking too? or was it something else speaking for him,  the frequencies of “AGAIN”  this type of anomaly I will never know,  was that my son speaking I will never know that either.  I have always been there for him right or wrong,  I believe there is some good in everyone you just have to discover it for yourself and often spoke of this with him. However he also knows I am not the type you can command at will and receive.  Parents are always the Parents,  respect is still the rule.

I still don’t know what that performance was or even who it was.  It was almost like watching a play……  but “who” was the director.




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