doorbellNow that you have the general feel of our first month I am going to be a little more specific during “hell” month.  Even with the strange behavioral goings on there were some unusual things that had happened,  again with family life ongoing it has a different vibe than when entering a home under construction and dead quiet,  there is always some type of noises in any household,  however some sounds are specific,  such as the event that happened to me on a pretty fall morning.

I don’t wake up well,   I have as I have said in the past several health problems and it takes me quite a while to get going.  I had finally made out to the couch the dogs in tow,  I lay down for awhile with my ever present diet coke… elixir of the gods,  the sun was out it was probably about 11am the dogs pile under the blanket with me,  (if you don’t move either do they) no T.V. no music.  I need quiet at least for a couple of hours,  I enjoy this time I have muscular problems and pain issues and I need quiet and time awake to start my day,  My husband and stepson were at work,  I had the house to myself… weekdays are great!  Anyway I like to think,  plan,  what I am going to do or not do that day.  Daydream whatever .  Our neighborhood is freakishly quiet…we have nick named our street “Agoraphobic alley”  you may see 3 cars and basically no one outside even in the summer…weird.  When we first bought the house I knocked on a couple of doors just to introduce myself and let them know yes we are going to live here,  and yes in a year or so it will look much less like a scary eyesore,  you would of thought I was some “street corner preacher”  Everyone was nice but cautious,  I guess you have to be today…I’m rambling again I think you get the picture.

We have had exactly 3 people come to the door in the past year,

1) a neighbor , nice guy,  I think he just wanted to see the inside of the gutted monstrosity.

2) the mailman “Bob” who like some other people think it’s o.k. to just walk in when a house is being worked on,  he always seemed to be delivering the mail when I was outside,  funny though after a talk with my husband I haven’t seen him since.

And 3)  a man looking for the previous owner to “drop of a bowling award”  yeah right,  did I mention the previous owner  was a convicted sex offender.   Yeah we had the big red balloon on the county map with our address and warning that a sex offender lived there.  That makes for  great dinner conversation.

Now that you have the mental picture of most of my exciting life,  oh and by the way I also have an anxiety disorder so unannounced visitors don’t make my day,  at least the live ones.  So once again I am doing my thing,  “not the thing your thinking of” and the doorbell rang,  a little startled,   hence the anxiety,  and then rang again.  I look out the window I am sitting next to don’t see anyone on the porch,  now I am also in sweats and a T shirt.  I don’t go anywhere without make-up and at least jeans or something cute,  so at this point I’m at a standstill,  do I go to the door like this yeah I’m a little bit of a diva,  or act like I’m not home.  Well all anyone would have to do is walk 2 or 3 feet and if they could see through the 5 barking dogs they would see me on the couch plain as day,  the dogs allready blew my cover  “my husband and I joke that we are in the witness protection program”  due to the odd quiet on our street.  So I get up and go to the window on the other side of the door and don’t see anyone either.  So after great relief I figure it was a salesperson…. or Bob the stalker and they just left.  I sat back down the dogs calmed down and started to think,  wait a minute,  I painted that door and I don’t recall seeing a doorbell,  o.k. so I sit for another minute or 2 and my curiosity got the best of me and I cracked the door and checked.  Just like I thought there was no doorbell that I could see,  it was one of those old loud bells and it sounded like it was probably mounted near the kitchen.  Well I also painted just about every room in the house and don’t recall seeing the box…which I usually disconnect because they drive my dogs nuts.  So  me being me I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for this hidden doorbell,  finally called my husband and asked him,  he confirmed he never saw one,  and even if there was there was no button on the outside of the door.  The only other enterable door is a slider in the back obviously not there and would be pretty stupid if it was.  This freaked me out pretty good but ended up thinking why ring the bell our spirits are allready inside,  maybe I should just give them a key…..

See you tomorrow!!!


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