sleeping womanI’m back!  this is the first post that really has me shaken.  We have had many anomalies,  evp’s,  pictures,  personal experiences such as noises,  voices etc…………but this one was personal.

I went to bed last night with my husband and our dogs in the bedroom at about 11pm,  2hours later I woke up it was really hot in the room and I was wide awake,  a little irritated that I woke up but after a few minutes I decided to go out to the living room for awhile,  I grabbed a diet coke,  rebuilt a small fire,  (as I said we are fireplace heating) and hung out for awhile,  I know myself and when I get like this I have to lay down close my eyes and just rest without the intention of sleep and hope for the best,  so I layed down on the couch and once again I thought,  hey let’s turn on the digital recorder and hope I fall asleep.  Well it worked the next thing I remember is my husband was on the couch turned on the T.V. and had on the news it was about 7am,  told you he’s an early bird,  so I gradually woke up,  I told him I had turned on the recorder and he said he saw the red light and turned it off when he sat down.  I like to know what could be “misconstrued”  on play back.

We sat around for awhile,  had some coffee,  watched the news and about 9am my husband decided he was going to cut up more wood for the fireplace.  I took this as an opportunity to listen to my digital recorder,  as I always like to be alone when I do so I have no distractions,  the dogs were up but I had already fed them and they were back asleep laying under the throw with me.

I hit play and started to listen,  honestly not expecting much.  I heard the usual noises the fire popping,  my breathing as I slept,  and then I heard it…the fire was out by this time and I heard basically just my breathing and then it was there,  I heard the same voice as last week say  ” I’m sharing”  I thought this was odd it was crystal clear in the same half whisper as the last time,  I was excited that there was something there but it was what I heard after is what has me so unhinged.  It was about 5 to 10 seconds later I hear my own voice,  that half asleep voice say “Who are you!” this was not in the form of a question it was more of a slightly scared but firm statement,  the fact that I said Who are you as opposed to something like who’s there,  tells me that I was looking at someone in my half asleep stage.

This was not the end of it I could hear my muffled voice mixed with his,  I was moving on the couch I could hear that,  and then I said “I’m sleeping”  and that was the end of it.  My heart starting racing,  I was trying to dissect what I just heard,  and digest that I may have had some kind of physical encounter with a spirit.  As I have said I have an anxiety disorder and I worked myself into a panic attack,  tried to calm down and brought the recorder to my husband,  I set it up at the time it happened which I will never forget it was 4:13 am and he listened and verified what I heard.  I feel somewhat violated,  I feel this is a normal reaction,  was I being touched?  As every wife knows there is always a time with your husband when he’s awake and your not and of course they give it a shot and the usual response,  at least from me is “I”m sleeping”,  and I may not remember it the next day but I usually hear about it.

The major difference here is I was sleeping alone on the couch!!,  Was this a natural reaction to being touched while sleeping,  I can’t deny the voice or my own response but what was the voice and movement interaction after?  I don’t know how to feel.  I think the major factor in this event is I responded,  it was definitely MY voice responding so I can’t deny something was going on.  However I am still shaken,  I am in the living room now it is 2am but as long as I am awake…….bring it on!

I have one man in my life,  my husband… I will never sleep without him by my side again.

Lesson learned…………



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