lightning picThe reason I have not blogged for a few days is that I have been sorting things out,  since the move other things have taken precedence,  If you follow my blog there have been some events…paranormal?  who knows,  as I have said it is different when you live in a house there are many more things going on,  more people,  pets, etc.   So paranormal activity is harder to detect as opposed to an empty house under renovation.

Again I am just returning to a sense of normalcy,  adjusting to living in a new home,  the incident with my stepson and his departure,  basically setting up housekeeping and calling it home amidst the family drama.  However with that settled down and meeting a man,  actually a toy dealer we met with to sell some old toys we found in  one of the many “spaces” in our home,  we got to talking,   his store is less than a mile from our house and he was very friendly and I did not bring up the subject however we both had bought and renovated foreclosed homes,  and he blurted out his house is haunted, and explained some of the event’s  he is experiencing which of course led to our story.

My interest renewed I wasn’t sure what I was going to do however my only option right now is to focus on late night activity when my husband,  an early bird and the dogs,  who sleep in our bed are asleep.  One night I could not fall asleep,  it was already 3am and I wasn’t even tired so I decided to lay on the couch watch T.V. and wait until I got tired turn off the T.V. and sleep on the couch as to not disturb my husband and rile up the dogs.

Then I thought why don’t I set my digital recorder on the coffee table,  which is about 2 feet from my head and see if I get anything.  Well I got up the next day tired and anxious,  sometimes I wait to listen to to the recording until I feel alert and ready for anything of interest,  so a short time later I listened to the recording,  there was the usual noises I had the fireplace going when I fell asleep so I would hear wood popping,  we don’t have a furnace we are trying to save money in our all electric community so we have a wood burner with a blower and several baseboard heaters,  other than that the house is very quiet….back to the tape I could hear myself breathing,  moving around on occasion however I did get an evp,  not much as I am so used to activity here but this is how it played out.  “___ ___ ___ right?  the first few words were inaudible but the last word was clearly “right?”,  my husband listened to it and came to the same conclusion,  he has come around alot with this paranormal stuff,  I think he has accepted it and is o.k. now.

The evp I caught was definitely a mans voice somewhere between a whisper and regular speech,  I was surprised I got something but did not “freak out”  as we have had so much varied activity in the last year or so,  but I was still intrigued.  This was last week,  it peaked my interest,  but I also have some other things going on so it kind of hit the “back burner” so to speak for a few days…..

I am going to stop here and immediately write another post,  as the next incident is the first that really has me shaken… it happened last night and it has taken me over 12 hours to calm down and process this event so please read my next post…….see you in a couple minutes,  again I need to collect my thoughts.



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