8 ballAfter my shocking night with the spirit,  (see, ” spirit altercation”) that morning my husband had an experience that he didn’t tell me about until today,  reason being I was quite upset and he did not want to pile anything else on my already stressed out brain.

My husband woke the morning after my occurrence and went to do some work in the basement,  we are finally getting a washer and dryer… no more going to mom’s  yeah!!! anyway, when we bought the house the basement was clean,  I mean bare nothing on the floor except concrete,  there was an opening to the area under the porch that was poorly repaired which my husband permanently repaired as we were having visitors,  the living kind as in racoons,  not fun.  Anyway they are long gone now and the basement has been reinforced,  we have a door to the outside with a small set of stairs that lead to ground level,  the door that was there when we bought the house there was a metal door that was poor fitting didn’t  lock and was being held closed by a stick….real safe,  so we replaced it.  We never got rid of the door it is leaning horizontally against the repaired “racoon entrance”  I know this is confusing however to get to the point my husband found the old door laying flat on the floor,  odd enough he then lifted it back into place against the wall and there was an old pool game 8 ball under it… what in the heck is that about,   we don’t and never have had a pool table or was there anything even close in the basement,  how did this happen,  where did the ball come from and what does this mean.  Why are there so many odd occurrences that don’t seem to point to anything,  is there some significance I am unaware of to an 8 ball,  other than the drug connotation which of course we are not involved in,  though the drug dealer that lived here I thought was gone,  is this a message from him?  does it tie in with my experience?  I know all of this sounds crazy but paranormal events do not occur like they do in the movies.  Also upstairs in the living room we have one of those “Eden pure” heaters it is a square wood box to enhance the heating capabilities in your home,  I have it next to a leather chair with a lamp on it, and several fragile items and of course a smudge stick,  this was turned completely perpendicular with the vent against the chair if it was bumped  completely sideways something definitely would have fallen off.  If anyone has any ideas to the significance of these things please let me know…cross your fingers its been 2 days without any anomalies. 


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