I have been down with the flu for the last week it didn’t kill me so this is not coming from beyond the grave.

I have not had any activity that I know of though I was sleeping about 18 hours a day so I wouldn’t have noticed.

But,  back to the blog….I am going to contact a local famous medium and finally find out what is going on at our home,  she is the creator behind the television series ” The Ghost Whisperer”   It literally is based on her life,  it is a long story how this got started and I wouldn’t try to tell it.  Her name is Mary Ann Winkowski and she happens to live in my county,  as a matter of fact I took a class of hers regarding energy and objects that may retain energy,  she usually has about a 3 month waiting list but I have had enough of the weirdness around here,  and after that last evp I need answers…

And!!!! I am getting a Kindle fire HD for Christmas it has audio, video, photos, apps,  internet you name it and I am hoping to get my audio’s on board.

Happy Holidays to all, living and spirit living! be back soon………………….


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