royalty-free-comfortable-clipart-illustration-1046587As some of you all ready may know our home has no central heating as yet… can get darn cold in the  midwest….last winter their were some days below 0 ….Our woodburning fireplace really got a work out, now we did install an insert with a blower helps immensely…but no high heating bills. We do have a few plug in baseboard heaters…the house is about 3000 sq feet no fireplace can handle that.
I am a night owl by nature….my husband gets up about 6a.m. and I go to bed about 3 or 4 a.m.. During the winter I am on fire patrol…I keep the fire going all night go to sleep and my husband starts one before he leaves for work.
As I have said in previous posts I frequently record at night on my digital recorder….I have caught quite a few e.v.p.,s this way, well one particular night I fell asleep while on “fire” duty I woke up freezing about 4:30 ….shivering I went to the fireplace and proceeded to build the fire back up…I had to start over the fireplaces cold.  I got the kindling…larger wood,  paper,  lit the fire.  Sometimes it takes a while I was half asleep and kind of leaning on the mantel to make sure it would catch…it did …I layed backed down and fell back asleep.

The next day I decided too listen to the recording from the night before…as time went by I heard usual house noises…me sleeping and then I heard when I woke up to restart the fire…I could hear myself putting the fire together,  lighting it and the quiet as I leaned against the mantel..then to my surprise I very clearly heard a male voice say. “GET YOU A CHAIR” this was very clear and pertinent to the situation seeing I was very cold and tired and leaning on the mantel…I was very surprised by this e.v.p.  and also pleased …even the dead haven’t forgotten to be gentleman.

I believe this spirit I have heard from before I recognised his voice….he is one of the “regulars”….I found out from my neighbors that before the development was constructed around this house,  it was the only house on the street and surrounded by trees…the occupant a well known drug dealer he was later murdered by a gunshot wound to the head…I don’t know if it occurred in our house but it would make sense he would not pass over due to his lifestyle…or maybe he does not know he is dead…however this was his house and I  believe he came home.





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