Ever since we have bought our home I have been fine with the activity around us but my husband hasn’t. I have mentioned before I asked my husband if he could stay here….I told him if he was that uncomfortable I would sell and move, my first priority is to my husband however after finding 2 different homes and having offers accepted one after the other even with it being a cash purchase…both had “cloudy” titles meaning they couldn’t guarantee there were no liens. We waited about 4 months for H.U.D. to clear the title and we decided to go ahead and stay….at this point we are done with the rehab. and are financially committed to this home.
I don’t know why my husband seems to be a target…I have not had any negative experiences but my husband has. I do have a picture of one of the incidents he woke up with this series of scratches. It is such an unusual pattern I don’t see how it could have happened normally. Or even by one of our dogs. If anyone has seen anything like this or knows what this could be please let me know….the pattern is odd…he didn’t wake up it is not your typical 3 perfect scratches everyone seems to get….ANYONE IDEAS?Camera(1)


The second time I was on the couch my husband was in the kitchen…we have an open floor plan,  we were talking and I saw him open the cabinet under the sink bend over and throw something in the trash….as he was bent over he yelled out and stood back up straight and reached around to his back ….now I was looking at him at the time his back was to me and he said I just felt like I got hit with a whip!…..he came back into the livingroom and I looked under his shirt there was a vertical red mark about 6-8 inches long…I wanted to take a picture but he brushed it off…saying it’s just the house…

We have gotten to the point that if we here something fall usually sounds like a stack of boxes or something mostly upstairs we don’t even bother looking.  No pets can get upstairs and at the time we never went up there either…we don’t even bother to look,  once again we say. “Its just the house”  is it?

14 responses to “SPIRIT ATTACK 1 & 2….MY HUSBANDS PAIN

  1. For your husband’s sake (and maybe yours as well) I would smudge the house, every room corner doorway window with Sweet Grass or Sage, as a rule ghosts don’t harm people, are you 100% sure it’s just a ghost ? could be something more, could be something with bad intentions. then again it could just be that the spirits are angry about the renovations, if you know your house is haunted it is best to advise them that you plan on renovating.

    just my 2 cents.



    • Sorry for the delay….we have smudged…. made things note active. I don’t know how much you know about feng shui…..I found out our house placement couldn’t be worse it faces west…bad and it is considered a T house which I found is a house located at the end of another street hence the T shape location….. I always felt there was a lot of transient spirits here that would come and go. There is believe it or not a remedy for this it is called a bagua mirror which in eastern culture when placed on the front door of a T home it deflects negative spirit energy…believe it or not some of the creepier stuff has stopped…we are pleased . I think just the original spirits remain as a matter of fact my husband just talked about if either of us felt anything manevalent here we agreed no….but time will tell. By the way I shared your good news bad news post on my facebook timeline I hope you don’t mind extra prayers can never hurt.hang in there


      • Thank you for sharing to facebook 🙂 prayers are always welcome,

        I’m glad to hear the bad happenings have slowed or stopped, our house faces west but is not a T house, I have never heard of a bagua mirror but may very well read up on it and maybe invest in one all the same, I don’t mind sharing my house with the others,but do have a healthy fear of negative energies and the like.


      • Hi there…if you look on line there are sites that for bagua mirrors all sizes and prices ours is about 6″ octagonal shape wood beautiful design mirror in the center….$8.95 .looks beautiful on front door and great conversation piece.
        Hope all is well


  2. These event may e a precursor to something bad. I have watched a documentray about stuff like this and i may not believe in God,but there is some seriours stuff that should be done. I believe that spirits are energy attracted to a malevolent will,a our thoughts and emotions are also electrical impulses (scientifically)onve we die some of this linger and attacj themselves to inert natural energy creating a malevolent manifestationx


  3. Jinn. When obsessed with an individual can travel the whole earth following one. Some are hurtful and harmful. Some are peaceful, some believers, some disbelievers. If this continues, only one thing will help.


  4. Although I have some keen intuitive abilities, seeing what’s going on with your home, the property, and your husband is not my forte. And I’ve never had experiences like you’re dealing with. But I do know that calling Arcturians to deal with seriously bad spirit is a good option. Look up Wayne Brewer online. Can you help your husband shore up his energetic boundaries? When I’ve got issues I need help with, I call on the highest vibrating spiritual beings I can think of, like Archangel Michael.

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  5. Hi there. I came across your post and was very interested. I work with spirit in a variety of manners. One being as a house clearer of negative energies and also as a sensitive/medium.
    If you would like to talk or ask any questions I would be more than willing to help! When actual physical contact is made, as it has been with your husband, then some kind of intervention may be needed. Brushing it off is unlikely to work as this spirit/spirits seem very determined to get through!
    Blessings to you and your family!



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