Haunted house to scary movie

stock-footage--k-scary-house-d-animation-k-uhd-x-ultra-high-definitionOUR WEEKEND……I don’t know if this is of a paranormal nature however I’ll tell you anyway.  Saturday night my husband and I were relaxing after dinner….. I was dozing on the couch he was reading the paper…we are really not as boring as we sound..we were actually watching the sky…severe thunderstorm was rolling in which we both enjoy….about midway through the  suddenly there was an amazing crack of thunder… me still on the couch, my husband jumps up and yells,  it hit the house….a 4-5 ft.blue flash of light appeared in our dining room and immediately dissipated… we frantically ran around the house me inside him outside.  Thank god nothing looked damaged….then I looked at  new desktop and the WiFi were fried.  Well nothing paranormal here just weather and a lot of expense.  Now let’s move on to Sunday… this time its lat like 3 in the morning late I am up husband long asleep I rarely go to sleep before 3 a.m. …there is something about night that is very relaxing to me.  For those of you who are thinking if you live in a haunted house why would you want to be up at night….well newsflash,  just as much activity happens during daylight hours but most people are working or busy and don’t    ” see ” it. Anyway….I am relaxing and watching a movie,  it isn’t raining …there is heavy storms but they are miles away at the southern end of the state …we are in Ohio a out  10 miles from lake Erie…. I am on the main floor once again in the living room and all of a sudden  KABOOM!!!!!  No flash of light in the house but definitely a huge clap of thunder AGAIN… I immediately look outside,  no rain, rumbles of thunder,  or distant lightning…. WHAT WAS THAT…oh definitely a very loud clap of thunder….none before….none after, a paranormal repeat or strange weather anomaly.     if you are wondering I am on my smartphone ….not the same layout apologies if not quite right…..got my Wi-Fi back apparently couldn’t post from smartphone….but I can from my kindle!!


5 responses to “Haunted house to scary movie

  1. Hmmm, I have never experienced or heard of any paranormal activity that is similar to your 2nd thunder. I would chalk it up as strange weather, unless it continues. Love & Light


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