MOOSE OUR SPECIAL BOYKINDLE_CAMERA_1399295198000Sorry for skipping over the Moose blog…..Moose is a sweetheart….during his birth there were complications….he has always been our “innocent”  he is a little slow,  he basically knows his name and no.  He gets picked on by his brother and sister even though he is at least twice their size,  so we watch out for him just like if you had a special needs child.

I and my husband believe he sees the things he does because he is an innocent.  Ever since we have lived here he has had periods of focusing on something,  following something unseen by us with his eyes and growling at it.  Once he was barking at the bathroom door it was closed….I went to him to try to show him there was nothing there but he just got worse he started growling and snapping….I opened the door and he continued to growl and snap he would not come in even when I tried to coax him.   We actually do consider  the bathroom one of our homes hot spots since we lived there ….I have been touched and my husband has heard things including a growl from the shower……makes for a fun and relaxing bathroom experience,  really? The bath is the last place I would hang out if I was a ghost…must be a perv.

one night in particular my husband and I were relaxing watching t.v. seems we do alot of that…better find a hobby.  I don’t know when I realized this was going on but we noticed Moose watching  and following something with his eyes….he was growling but also would cry out …we have a pillow back sectional and sometimes one of the dogs will sit behind either of us…Moose was getting more nervous on the verge of panic he was going between my husband and I on the pillow backs I noticed he was shaking…..severely this kept up for quite a while ,  the other dogs were fine.  Finally I yelled out “leave him alone you are scaring him”  and it worked ,  he was still shaking it took some time for him to calm down but he was no longer looking at anything .  I continued to comfort him until he was calm.  The incident didn’t seem to have any long term effect he is back to the innocent special dog he has always been.



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