invaders…who new it was us

120245After many sleepless nights ,  my husband and I decided we needed a king bed… our dogs sleep with us.  The bigger bedroom was upstairs…. now we never go upstairs 2  years of footsteps and unexplained sounds of things falling….loudly we never would go check it was more like “did you hear that?” And kind of shrug our shoulders and say ….its just the house.  After I had taken the photos in one of the rooms up stairs…..see archives 2012 “portal”. After having the same funnel like mist show up in 2 different pictures in the exact same spot 2 weeks apart…..I stayed away from the upstairs.  Well we bit the bullet and went ahead and decorated and moved upstairs Being. July and having no central air we have a window air conditioner,  the noise helps block any sounds we may here…but there is more to it to that.  Our upstairs has 3 bedrooms and a full bath at the top of a curved enclosed stairway there is a landing with a door I front of you one to your left and one to your right no hallway…our room is to the right the “portal” room to the left….the 2 rooms share a wall and end with a “jack&Jill ” bathroom if you don’t know what this is it is a bathe shared by both rooms….1 door in each room…you could walk a complete circle through one room through the bath into the other room and back to the landing ….too many doors for my comfort.  We have only been upstairs for a couple of weeks. We have been physically much more comfortable, we keep all the upstairs doors closed except our bedroom door Being a night owl on about the 3rd night I went up to bed about 2:30am and got into bed I take awhile to fall asleep not like the 30 seconds it takes my husband…everything had been OK at first…white noise is a great filter,  maybe too great… be continued.


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