Spirit…..morning constitutional……..really

Per my last post,  our bedroom is now upstairs,  my husband got a new job and leaves at 5:45am it is still dark….the dreaded upstairs me and the dogs alone in the dark.  I told him to shut down the fans and air so I can hear what’s going on in the house,  our house is a 3000 sq. Ft. Colonial  as cozy as our new room is it is an adjustment being upstairs.

One morning half awake laying in bed,  my husband was gone it was just getting light.  I don’t hear anyone come up the stairs but am surprised by the sound of the door to the left of ours open….footsteps wandering on the hardwood,  the door to the shared bathroom open ( we keep the bathroom door on our side closed) and oddly enough the toilet seat put down…its never up..  I’m partly frozen,  partly confused and also not entirely surprised…. no one left the bathroom,  I heard nothing else.  I tried to rationalize this event …..then stopped, why…. an expected experience a little more prolonged than most…..after all the upstairs was our off limit space….we heard the noises coming from upstairs before, why would that change.

Next ….As above….So belowsomething_in_the_hall


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