Spirit manipulation…being pulled by the unknown

slideshow_990653_staircasei have been sleeping downstairs since we have moved in …there is a downstairs bedroom,   as you know we have recently moved upstairs, there have been some incidents since we have moved upstairs….for any of my followers you know there have been evp’s… and  other things that have happened both day and night involving my self and my husband….noises from upstairs , voices, etc,  now that we are upstairs there are noises downstairs…. I am the only one affected.  There have been 2 incidents I have experienced since we have been sleeping upstairs… the first one was I heard what sounded  and felt…like a suction effect like the front door opening…. kind of freaked me out.  I got up went downstairs saw nothing.  A couple of nights later I heard what sounded like a stack of cans fall down….again I went downstairs…nothing,  I feel like I am being lured back downstairs…. I feel like I am being manipulated and I am falling for it.


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