Bee trumps ghost!!!!

I was sitting on the couch this morning which is located next to the front door when all of a sudden i see and hear this huge like 747 huge bee coming into the living room I never saw a bee this big or loud freaking like a typical girl I panic … my 5 Italian greyhounds are barking I jettison  off the couch frantically looking for bee spray and trying to keep track of  the bee at the same time…I find the spray heart pounding I go for it…half a can later the bee on its back kicking its creepy bee legs in its final death dance I can barely breath….dogs hysterical I fall to the couch clutching the can like a 9 mm  after a home invasion when I hear footsteps walking up my front porch steps and across the porch…no knock…I look out the open window of course no one there…this is a frequent happening at my house…I sit back down out of breath from what?  of course ….the bee…


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