The scariest post yet…the real me

facebook 002I thought since I posted pictures of the real house iI would talk a little about the real me…..I have been interested in the paranormal since I was little….I remember a friend of mine and myself decided to have a séance in the basement in the house were I grew up,  where I got this idea I don’t know,  my parents weren’t into this stuff…..our house had no activity,  but we got the idea in our heads somehow.

We made a circle out of string and sat on the floor inside of it….I think we were about 10 or so at the time,  we decided to try to contact my grandfather ……deceased obviously…. we also had one of those old large cassette recorders  recording “just in case” .

I have no idea what we did I think we just asked questions….. afterwards we listened to the recorder ,  what I do remember is in the background while we were talking there was what sounded like someone whistling….pretty clearly….my first evp?   I do know it freaked us out pretty good and we never did it again.

My active pursuit of paranormal research didn’t occur again until we moved here and it couldn’t be avoided.  Otherwise I enjoy the house,  being it is a century house it has a lot of charm…I love interior design….I call this design plan “Moroccan farmhouse”. A lot of color with ethnic accents….while leaving as much of the original charm of  the house itself.  I like the flaws in the original hardwood ….the old brick of the fireplace…the original built in cabinets in the dining room…..and the great cabinet argument with my husband about replacing the old farmhouse style cabinets….I won there were only about half of them left but look hard enough and in the right places and we found a set of cabinets for sale…..perfect match…..I always believed if you buy an old home respect the home.


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