THE TOOTH…..can’t believe I forgot about this one!!!!


Where are my teeth!!!

Where are my teeth!!!Everyone has or has had teeth,  yes they chip…break…discolor and thank god whiten and be replaced.  They also can be a great source of pain,  its not like you break a tooth and don’t feel it….its excruciating at worst annoying and expensive at best….but they are a part of the human body that is used,  noticed and let’s face it unless you live under a rock most people want them.

Teeth are tedious to take care of and outrageously expensive to replace….where am I going with this….let’s face it teeth are not frequently found laying in the road….unless your outside a biker bar……sold at the pharmacy or yes growing on trees.

So will somebody tell me how my dog moose who spends 99% of his time indoors and 1% out in an 8 x 10 area for “”potty time”” got a hold of a human tooth.  I noticed he was chewing on something it sounded like glass I stuck my fingers in his mouth …..yum and pulled out the potentially harmful object ……I looked and looked and there it was,  a human tooth chipped but roots and all.  I have never seen a human tooth with the roots in real life. I have broke a tooth now and then but to see the roots it would have to be pulled….I even looked up pics on the net to make sure it as human ….it appeared to be a molar.  Now for a full investigation I looked up dog teeth…..way different,  they are kind of triangular.

i don’t know about you but this really freaked me out…we have been through every inch of this place during the renovation….really who wants to fInd someone else’s yellowed chipped roots and all tooth.

I love our old house but the tooth really has me perplexed……dentures anyone???


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