Shadow figure….another shot at my husband

wpid-images.jpegMy husband is a wonderful funny teddy bear of a man ….6ft 4in.  Goes about 240 lbs …I’m quite sure he would be thrilled I have announced this to the world.  It was a regular weeknight my husband goes to bed about 10:30, me as I’ve said more like 3a.m….my husband falls asleep quickly…unlike me he gets up at least once or twice for I hope obvious reasons.  When he goes to bed our dog Elsie is the only one that goes with him,  the other dogs stay up with me until I go to bed.  Elsie always sleeps behind his knees under the blanket I pity the dog who tries to take her place.  It is like world war III when I go to bed  Elsie snarling the other dogs vying for spots …..the main reason we bought a king bed this spring…the most comfortable bed ever,  and you can roll over without crushing a spindley Italian greyhound leg.  Back to that night….

My husband went to bed at his usual time…at some point before I came back he woke up.  He sleeps on his left side facing the door of our bedroom.  He was laying there and he heard footsteps walking into the bedroom there is very little light that seeps in from the rest of the house.  He saw a black shadow maneuvering down the side and around to the end of the bed …..half asleep he assumed it was Moose our much larger dog wandering around ,  my husband now fully awake called for him to jump up on the bed…the low shadow still there made no noise and remained still….he called for him again getting a little annoyed at this point  with his non response he yells Moose if you want up come up…I heard him at that point (our room was still downstairs). I walked back to the room and said what’s the problem..he said Moose is being a pain.  I looked at him quizzically and told him Moose was sleeping out on the couch….at that point my husband quickly turned on his bedside lamp,  there was nothing there and Elsie was still behind his legs…let’s just say it took him awhile to fall back asleep after that…I stayed out on the couch with the other dogs closed the bedroom door ….I know how spooked he gets but the rest of the night was uneventful
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