Moose has a rough day….

KINDLE_CAMERA_1399295193000I have described out house before the living room is in the front open to the dining room open to the kitchen which leads to our sliding door…I keep it open during the day so the dogs can go in and out . Myself and all the dogs were sitting in the livingroom they sleep most of the time until one of them hears something outside and the herd runs full blast barking to the back yard.

Today moose was laying on his stomach on our Ottoman facing the kitchen he was just staring for quite awhile…I had just fed them the rest of the dogs were crashed….Moose still staring i thought he was listening to something outside.

Now when i feed the dogs i have to spread out the bowls there is constant food stealing between them…i put 2 bowl spaced out in the kitchen and another in the dining room jus before the thresh hold to the kitchen …the bowls are plastic the dining room bowl is on hardwood.  The reason i am telling you this is because is because of what happened next.

Moose is still staring at the kitchen when he started the barking stampede the 3 boys take of to what I thought was the backdoor…..before they got to the kitchen the dining room food bowl shot across the floor I saw it happen it was was with speed and purpose….then something happened that never happened before all 3 dogs stopped dead in their tracks completely silent and ran back to the living room . Moose layed dwn in the archway watching the dining room the other dogs went back to sleep.  After my husband got home he has to sit down to say hi while he is being covered in kisses i can’t get near him.  Even after the dogs settled down they could not go through the living room archway they would try but turn around and come back….I don’t know what that was about but our entities are getting a talking to tonight….. and it won’t be nice maybe they’ll turn their attention back on us and leave our babies alone.


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