Game on……a realization

Before rehab

Before rehab

My husband walked in the door today and as he was halfway through he said  “did you just sneeze?”… I didn’t and said so …he heard someone sneeze as he walked through the door…trivial…yes…but it hit me that these types of events are frequent and  unending….I came to the realization today that we are playthings of our house….I know there are spirits we both have heard them. Both human voices and odd  growls at times that aren’t our dogs ….like coming from the shower when in the bathroom by myhusband in the middle of the night.  Things go missing and show up months later after you have all ready replaced it in a very obvious spot.  We hear noises upstairs when we are down and downstairs when we are up.  One of our frequent


After rehab 2 years of work

After rehab 2 years of work

comments is “did you hear that” answer always yes…followed by it’s just the house….we have become complacent….I have completely lost life in a home that is “home”….why did I just realize this today….that it is not normal to here cupboards close,  stacks of “nothing” falling loudly upstairs,  whistling that I mimic back…so used to these events. 

We have been living here over 2 years and have adjusted to these occurrences.   At first it was frightening and exciting…. now it seems we are a source of entertainment for whatever entities live here with us…..why now…why today did I realize we are being toyed with…..I am going to stand up for our home….game on!!!


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