RAIN DELAY…..how do they know

Moose takes it up the a** again……..How do they know.  For those of you that read my post last night…I had decided to……stop sitting by quietly stop being complacent and take our house back….from everything I’ve heard spirits can read you,  know your fears,  thoughts,  weaknesses…. Moose has weaknesses…. he is somewhat mentally challenged…..innocent and able to see….our other dogs don’t seem to notice but Italian greyhound s are notoriously self centered.  We have the whole family here …..The mom & dad and hannible, sister Elsie and of course moose…Weird I had a mom and dad an older and younger brother too,   anyway just my rambling where was I….oh yeah.


This morning was a cluster…I woke up I have an autoimmune disorder I usually can’t get out of bed for about an hour….my husband leaves for work ungodly early…he drives a truck…I sleep till around 10.  I take my meds try not too wake the dogs and try to be able to move.  Just so you know I don’t take narcotic pain meds….they are of an antiinflammatory nature so my thinking is clear I just hurt…a lot.

This particular morning dogs were quiet for about 45 minutes not to bad.  The dogs always act like you’ve been gone for a month not realizing they were just asleep.   They roll around Rocket the father has to have his 15 minute belly rub…hannible stands on your stomach and nips your nose…Elsie stays completely under the blanket wanting none of it….she’s not a morning dog,  and mom the alpha checks things out doing what we call the perimeter walk.  So were doing our thing when Moose starts barking I thought it was one of those you have my bisquit barks….or pet me too barks…or just bark…they all do that.cool blue eye


But this was …the bark….the staring snarling who are you bark….this has never happened in the bedroom before,  it started with Moose at the end of the bed he was looking at the wall abovemy nightstand as if someone was standinext to me by the bed…he started pacing back and forth snarling and barking at the area above the headboard,  I was calling him to me he wouldn’t come.  He then jumped up on the end of the left side of the bed and was looking at the area above my husbands pillows…the other dogs are now off the bed,  Mooses gaze shifted to the door after I started yelling leave him alone and get out……I kept calling for Moose he ran around to my side of the bed and dove in as I lifted the blanket he laid next to my side for the next half  hour.

The day didn’t end there,  I had been debating all day weather I should tell my husband about what happened…. but Moose gave it away …after my husband sat down on the couch,  Moose jumped up and sat on the cushion behind his shoulders well that’s Elsies spot she was barking at Moose and he wouldn’t budge.  She settled down and he said “what’s up with Moose?  So I told him.

Well he said “that explains it. So I asked .  I. Guess after he got up it as about 5:15a.m. he came downstairs made coffee he watches the news before he goes back upstairs to get ready for work.  Well I guess he was hearing what sounded like a large heavy ball roll across the floor upstairs… first he thought I was up doing something… that’s not going to happen.   He heard it a couple more times and thought enough…he went up the stairs when he was about half way up it stopped…I was somewhat awake ,  heard him getting ready…I had heardnothing else,  all the dogs were sleeping with me.

Things seem to happen in clusters…not usually related to each other…so I don’t think provocation is a good idea right now.  I am going to bed and put on my recorder…see what I get….sometimes it takes a couple days to be able to go through the tapes…we will know then


Does anyone know how to download audio out there..I am using a tablet.  Till next time.


2 responses to “RAIN DELAY…..how do they know

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    • Hi there…sooooo sorry I didn’t answer your comment for some reason it went to spam, just saw it today….thanks, checked out your site where would we be without the “Dynasty”…we watch it all the time….thanks for your belief in my site….you might want to look at my last week or so I think I’ve gone overboard… looking for any advice thanks!


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