spirit lost….mine

my tablet is on the fritz….I only have my phone…..desk to fried by lightning…kindle dead…coincidence… I think not hope to be back soon.. don’t want to lose my phone too….wish me luck on my return from the twilight zone!!!!

So far so good…..all is quiet

cagothic182.jpgAfter last night I did a lot of thinking….I am not going to be intimidated by an entity that had me worked up….I never was before and I won’t be again…. after going to bed about 6:00 a.m. I woke up and pondered for awhile and decided  I am not going to stop my research a.k.a. interests because of some negative energy call it an obsession or maybe an oppression but I am going to continue to live here with my husband and dogs…unless the situation calls me elsewhere,  so expect more stories…occurrences,  and negative energy situations….and may push for more .

Has the portal reopened by my own hand?


Now that I have calmed down, I still can’t figure what spewed that nonsensical mess my I was not touching the tablet , the touch screen keyboard is gray…when touched bright blue…the letters were lighting up at a mad pace…the only thing I tried to do was delete it would delet a letter or two and take off again….has this happened to anyone out there or am I trying to be stopped….I don’t know….I have been warned about the things I do….but this is the only time I feel out of control of or situation…. I think I’ll let this settle and hope Dale…isn’t someone I inadvertently brought in without such good intentionswqwyqyqwwptqqwywqqywywpqqyquqwuwqweqqqeeq

It happened again…..help

Lighting the way ….Spirit truce?



Last week I wanted to make contact with whoever was living in our home …I used a technique that I have used before. You will be spectical I still am shocked every time it happens, though I have seen this done on paranormal t.v. shows, I thought it was some type of “parlor” trick, the technique…..the flashlight questioning. The first time I saw it I was with a friend on a paranormal investigation…. my friend used a flashlight “mag” light that you twist the top by the bulb to make it light twist the top so it is close to turning on then I take the flashlight and slam it in my palm to make sure it is not spontaneously come on then repeat to make sureyeqqqqwwrwqqwewyqtqqwwuwrwwwwqypqqqywqqqeqeqqywwwrorwqwwuuqewqqqqqqtqrwiwqqyqpwwwqqwwwpewwiewww qwwwe

WHAT IS THIS….my tablet just went nuts the keys randomly were lighting rapidly spewing this nonsense….I think I might be getting in over my head..I will admit I do dabble in this.. nothing beyond what I have posted but I tryed to reverse it would type forward …this is the first time I am spooked doing a blog.  Well it seems to have stopped I will make  this short, so you lay the flashlight on a table i aleays leave the top sticking out a little to make it easier and just start asking questions….i asked vague questions the flashlight lit 3 different times….when it lights you need to tell them to turn it off for the next question it is amazing the light slowly dims until off….anyway we had what I thought was a compromise you can stay just knock off the nonsense…well then yesterday I got scratched…..sorry I really am trying to be quick I am a bundle of nerves and Moose is scratching me..not good.

Well last nightI did an evp session….got nothing then I said well last chance I am going to bed and shut it off well today I listened to the whole thing at the end was a mans voice that said “I’m Dale” class A evp…don’t know this guy ….not Bubba the previous murdered owner…well guess I have a new quest.


A wonderful expression of life as we live it



Was it at fertilization?

Or when the

Multicellular embryo

Had its own genesis and

The foetus formed?

Or maybe that

First heartbeat?

Limbs do not count

Or was it at the very

Moment of birth

Or the first breath

The first cry

The first sensation

The first thought?

I believe not

My first memory

The day I captured ‘thought’

Made me whole

Made me alive

Marked my existence

There, I got there

In the end

Should my memory of things

Takes of its leave

Before my heart stops beating

Then I shall be dead

Before my time

My eyes the gateway to


The void already crossed

Pulse or no pulse

The dwindling throb of

Flesh and bone

That entity that remains

Animate yet

Could never awaken

Would not be me

Would not be alive

Treat it thus

As carrion

Should you so desire

Prod it

Poke it

Bury it

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